Wee Bobby

Wee Bobby
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Back in the swing today; no dodgy tummy, no feel crappy, although still not much of an appetite but I can live with that for now. And an early start meant high levels of creativity, particularly since I’ve done so much thinking, reading and planning of late.

Stopping to work out the plot links and arcs for Blood Ties has definitely helped. The story is much more intricate than I actually realised, and mapping it all out has cleared most of the questions nagging in my mind. I was ready to go again, and go I did. I feel much, MUCH happier with it.

I also did some work on some poems in my WIP folder, as well as the ones I penned last night. Coming on nicely. It feels good to be scribing poems again – just doing – not thinking too much about it at the moment.

Greyfriar’s Bobby died this week in 1872. He reputedly spent 14 years guarding John Gray’s grave, his owner while he was alive. A statue was erected to his memory in 1873, which still stands proud outside the gates and the pub of the same name. Find out more at: RCAHMS.

Rock band, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, have been allowed back into The Liquid Room RCAHMS for the first time since fire gutted it along with Khushi’s restaurant three weeks ago. Thankfully, both of these venues, which are two of my favourite places in Edinburgh, look likely to be saved, though it’ll be at least a year before it’s complete. Replacing the roof over Khushis has been estimated at three months alone.

This is shocking: a Labour MP has claimed dyslexia is a myth invented by education chiefs to cover up poor teaching methods.

The BBC reported … Backbencher Graham Stringer, MP for Blackley, claims millions of pounds is being wasted on specialist teaching for what he called the “false” condition. He also claims the reason so many children fail to be taught to read and write properly is that the wrong teaching methods are used.

Stringer said: “The education establishment, rather than admit that their eclectic and incomplete methods for instruction are at fault, have invented a brain disorder called dyslexia.”

No wonder the British Dyslexia Association (BDA) is up in arms. The guy is clearly an idiot.

I would direct him to a wonderfully talented lady by the name of Anita Govan. She’s far more advanced within literacy terms than most “normal” people I know of, and guess what – she’s dyslexic. She’s also a poet – published and performance – of some considerable talent, and I was delighted to interview her for The Scruffy Dog Review a year or so ago.

If Graham Stringer MP is in any doubt of the problems faced by dyslexics, but also of the amazing things they can achieve, he should read the interview here. Then he should collect his P60 on the way out the door.

Are you dyslexic, or simply appalled to read about this? Feel free to vent your anger directly to Mr. Stringer by clicking on the following link, then get typing.


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