All The Fun Of The Fair

All The Fun Of The Fair
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Murder is a thought not often contemplated by the sane and the civilised, but it crossed my mind today. This probably only serves to prove my theory, that if you had to work with some of the wallies that I do, you’d also be as insane and uncivilised thinking as I am. Trust me.

Lots of work done on Blood Ties and those poems I wrote earlier this week. Sometimes, finding the exact word to finish a poem can be tougher than finding the right sentence to describe how someone looks – thus, all the fun of the fair.

I was a long day in the office because my regular team-mate is away on holiday to New Zealand for three and a half weeks. I’m left with a contractor who’s only there for the cash and not really interested in doing what he’s meant to be doing. I’ll be cracking the whip shortly – loudly if I have to.

Laura was back at Guides tonight so me and Gail did something we’ve not done in a long while … go out for the evening. We went to Starbucks in Ocean Terminal after we dropped her off – not my first choice, I assure you, but it was all that was open – and had coffee, hot chocolate and cakes. We took Gail’s laptop and some print-outs with us because I’m about to start working on an enhancement or ten to her website, and we needed to go over a few things.

Still nothing from the potential Hunting Jack publishers. I’m getting worried that I’ve only gone and annoyed them by following up with a query asking when I could expect to hear. It was a week short of their recommended wait time, but that doesn’t include a full manuscript request after 8 weeks followed by 3 months of nothing. It’s maybe being impatient of me, but the suspense is killing me.

The Scruffy Dog Review – Winter Issue OUT NOW!!

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1 Response to All The Fun Of The Fair

  1. Once it’s out there, you have to stop thinking about it and work on the next projects. The submission process almost always takes longer than the stated guidelines. Getting impatient doesn’t help the cause. It’s better, in most cases for it to take longer — rejections tend to happen more quickly than full editorial processes. I’ve sat in those meetings — I know what goes on there, and how often books brought up are tabled until the next meeting, or the editors have to come up with some other way to convince the marketing department it’s viable. Marketing departments have far too much to say in whether or not a book is accepted. However, a longer wait is usually better than a shorter one. If it drags no to eight months or so, that’s out of control, or, like in the case of one of our friends, when a publisher sat on the book for three years saying they were interested, but not sure — that’s out of order. But let the editors do their work during the submission process.It generally works in your favor.

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