Plane Remarkable

Plane Remarkable
Image: Reuters/BBC

I couldn’t believe my eyes this morning when I logged on to my PC, morning coffee in hand, to read that a US Airways plane had ditched into the Hudson River. The first I knew about it was the sight of the plane floating on the water, and people standing on the wings waiting to be collected. I actually thought it was a mock-up until I realised I had tuned into the BBC News website and not some spoof site by accident.

Thankfully, everyone got off in one piece. By all accounts, if it weren’t for the pilot that may not have been quite the case given the record airplanes have of staying intact when they come into contact with the surface of a large body of water.

Went for a delicious lunch at Muang Thai on Hanover Street: Thai Pork Dumplings to start; Terriyaki Chicken with egg noodles for main; hot waffles and ice-cream to finish. Stuffed I was, but seeing as I had my breakfast at 5:45am this morning I was pretty hungry by the time I draped my napkin.

The afternoon went slowly as it always does in the office after a large lunch.

I finished one of the poems I wrote at the start of the week. The right words finally came to complete it off beautifully. It’s called Road Hogs, and it’s good enough to send out or include in a chapbook, I feel, so it’s a keeper.

I developed a couple of short stories that I wrote during last year’s Muse Conference, both of which will probably be getting entered into a couple of competitions I have earmarked.

More work done on Blood Ties, but needed more time and frustrated myself at having to stop.

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  1. All good stuff. The little bits of work add up to big bits.

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