Blogging Break Over

Robert Burns on Glasgow City Chambers
Image: BBC Online

It’s not that I’ve been too busy to blog over the past few days, I’ve just had nothing to say. I didn’t see any reason in filling up these pages just to tell you something meaningless, so I took a break. I never broke off from writing, just from blogging.

My time spent working has been put to good use. Blood Ties is progressing keenly; Lennox is developing into a much darker and frankly a lot more intense character than I ever envisaged. In Slick I only really scraped the surface of his personality and we never got to grips with his motivations and thoughts. That’s all coming out in this book making it a better read in my opinion; and a lot of fun to write as well.

I’ve written a lot of poetry, taking advantage of every occasion, thought, and opportunity to write. Some of it is very, very deep and emotional, and some of it has been light-hearted, others have seen me make a return to children’s poetry. I think I have written about a dozen poems so far this month, when my target was only one per week!

I have a short story ready for submission to a competition, and two others I’m toying with send to other competitions. No more responses from any of my submissions across the board. It’s been a quite month on that score.

It’s been a quite month all round, actually. Not that I’ve not had much on my plate – the day job has been red hot with Julie away – but all in all, things are going to result in a productive look back at the work I’ve got through this month.

Oddly enough, I still feel I have more in me. I’m pushing myself harder not to let the strains of the day job affect my output, but I’m still feeling sapped from it even though I’m getting through a lot. I think it’s maybe a subconscious thing but I do feel I could achieve more.

A belated happy birthday to Binny, my wee sister who was 30-years old on Sunday. The family got together on Saturday night to celebrate, with drinks in The Auctioneers pub in Glasgow centre, and then in the Urban Grill restaurant a few doors along from George Square.

The City Chambers in George Square was lit up in celebration of Robert Burns’ birthday tomorrow – same as Binny’s – although he is somewhat older at 250 years. The light show (as illustrated in the photo above) is also part of the Homecoming Scotland year that the SNP are currently promoting. Walking down Leith Walk on Saturday I can understand why people won’t be bothered coming back.

Anyway, there was a lot of eating, drinking, and laughter in the restaurant. We all gave Binny her presents during the meal and the staff brought out a large cake with her baby picture on the front, to one of the limpest attempts at the Happy Birthday Song I’ve heard from a group of waitresses.

It was a great night, and I was pretty knackered by the time we got home around 1:30am on Sunday morning.

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1 Response to Blogging Break Over

  1. Lara says:

    Oops, I feel bad! I ALWAYS fill my blogs with meaningless drivel…

    Sounds like you’ve had a productive month! Good on you!

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