January GDR Review

Monthly GDR Review
I’m slightly late this month with my monthly wrap-up; a weekend in York with the squadron put paid to me being on time with this and my monthly newsletter, The Patter.

I’ll give you a full catch-up in tomorrow’s post, as well as my GDR plan for February, meanwhile, on with the show.

* Work on Blood Ties – still IP; worked a lot on the plot and character development.
* Write one new flash/short story – complete.
* Re-submit any rejected/recalled short stories – 4 to go back out.
* Enter at least one writing competition – complete.
* Work on the fiction output from October’s Muse Festival – IP.

* Write one poem per week – 12/5 complete (12/52 overall).

* Work on Scotland’s Treasure column for SDR Spring edition (Apr) – nothing written but several ideas to look at for next issue.
* Query higher paying writing markets, not more lower paying ones – cutting out querying/pitching for the less-paying gigs made me feel I’m not doing as much as last year, but I have to stick with it.
* Remain flexible for any TLB assignments that come through – complete; new opportunities still coming in.

* Keep company accounts up to date – complete.
* Continue work amalgamating web design and freelance writing sites to compassfreelance.co.uk (need more content and search engine) – IP; quite a large job.
* Examine TLB contracts prior to re-negotiation – complete; strategy for getting more work developed after advice with experienced friend.

* Stay on top of RR submissions – delayed; need to set aside more time.
* Start laying out RR issue 6 – 70% complete for content; front cover tba; editorials and fillers pending.

Marketing and Promotion
* Brainstorm ideas for podcasts/videos – not done yet.
* Publish January newsletter – complete.
* Prepare February newsletter – IP.
* Publish GDR Full 2009 Plan – complete.
* Publish January GDR Plan – complete.
* Prepare January GDR Review – complete.
* Prepare February GDR Plan – complete.
* Keep website(s) up to date – complete.

Reading & Learning
* Doors Open by Ian Rankin – complete.
* Day by AL Kennedy – IP.

* Start new diet – IP; not weighed in this month, though.

Things That Turned Up
* Edinburgh photographer requested some major site enhancements; work ongoing

Submissions Made

Submissions Outstanding
Hunting Jack – 1 publisher
Slick – 1 agent, 2 publishers

Stella – 1 publisher

Wheelhouse 1
Saint Ann’s Review 1
Virtual Tales 1
Contrary Magazine 1
Drunken Boat 1
Lyrical Ballads 1
Roundtable Review 1
The Beat 1
One Story 1

Nothing major or minor; steady as she goes but feel I could always be doing more. May need to adapt my working pattern to suit new demands being placed on me at the day job.

Rejection from Neon 2/1
Rejection from Inscribed 2/1
Rejection from Toasted Cheese 5/1
Rejection from GUD 28/1

The Scruffy Dog Review – Winter Issue OUT NOW!!

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Thriller author, music fan, St Mirren fan, fluff chucker, rabbit tamer, outstanding fake faller. Loves cannoli.
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  1. Jm-Experts says:

    i use to copy these kind of postings to my blog!

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