The Universe Speaks

The Universe Speaks
Image: Sir Merv

Another terribly long couple of days. Finding the time to write is proving to be increasingly difficult. There’s no shortage of motivation inside me, but early morning and lunchtimes are the only really productive times of the day I am managing to bag just now. Evenings are a struggle because I am so tired and brain dead from work, and my productivity has suffered as a result.

I’m looking forward to Julz, my work colleague, coming back from New Zealand, if only to help take the strain. And while the contractor we have in just now isn’t worth his salt – he talks too much, drifts onto things he shouldn’t, and has to be reminded to turn his bloody phone in on the morning, then asks for two drinks when I offer to go to the machine – at least he only has a few more weeks to go; it’ll save me getting sacked for assault.

The good news is I’m to be involvement in the recruitment process for at least one new full-time member of staff, which will mean attending interviews and probing the candidates for their technical worth. If you’re a slacker, don’t bother applying.

I never blogged yesterday because both today and yesterday kind of ran into the same routine, the only difference being that last night I didn’t get in until 1am – hence the reason I never blogged. I spent the entire evening down at Gail’s pal’s flat (Samantha) installing a broadband line and setting up her new laptop for her. It wasn’t a bad way to spend the evening actually; while I worked we watched a couple of films, drank tea and ate cheese and crackers, and best of all, it was in the company of a hot woman. Result!

Today I was too tired to even check my email. Whereas before Julz was off I would be in the house by 5pm and be ready to go with the novel by 6pm, I’m not even leaving work these days until nearer 7pm. It’s exhausting and I’m falling behind with everything, forgetting things, and generally getting myself into a state.

My reasoning is this.

  • It’s only for another few days
  • It’s not doing my reputation any harm
  • bonus and salary review time is approaching
  • I’m going to celebrate the end of it with a fine Indian meal and some beers on Friday

Before I finish for today, is anyone else having any trouble submitting to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award? Each time since submissions opened I get a ‘Page Not Found’ error and it’s damn annoying. I’ve tried it from home and my day job PC but still the same. To quote a friend: “maybe the universe is trying to tell me something?”

The Scruffy Dog Review – Winter Issue OUT NOW!!

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1 Response to The Universe Speaks

  1. I haven’t even looked into that submission yet, although I probably should. If you’re having trouble, my computer will probably blow up! 😉

    Cut yourself a break. You’ve had to work too hard outside of your favorite creativity arena, give yourself the weekend to rest, and then attack your own work again by Monday. You’ll catch up. If you try to work when you’re too tired, you just have to do it all over again anyway.

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