Editorial Irritations

Editorial Irritations
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When I got up this morning I was a happy chappy; cheerful, enjoying life, and with everything to look forward to. By the time I made it into the day job I was severely pissed off with life, in a bad mood, and not looking forward to much of anything.

And all because of Lothian Buses.

I’m not going to dwell – it’s not worth the energy – but when it takes a person 90 minutes to get from Leith Links to Canonmills by bus because of one or two snow flakes, questions have to be asked. I could have walked it in half the time – and I have done in the past if you don’t believe me.

Near the office I stopped to buy myself a carton of milk and an egg and black pudding roll. I didn’t need it, but I knew it would go some way to repairing my mood. Thankfully it did, because I had another 10 hours at my desk to go and would need something substantial to run my engine on.

Any work I did today was on RR submissions. Having read through around half the backlog (25’ish) I had to do the admin that goes with it, i.e., sending rejection and acceptance emails, preparing and sending contracts, and the always infuriating tracking down of contributors whose emails have changed.

I’ve a new policy on this one now: If someone has a piece accepted and then not tell me if their email address changes, I’ll pull the piece. It’s happened three times and one I’ve pulled. Luckily for the bloke last night he replied instantly to the email I sent to him after a Google search of his name. I won’t be doing it again.

Anyway, all moaning aside issue 6 is now full and all it needs is to finalise the layout, prepare the editorial, and decide on a front cover. March 1st it launches so stay tuned.

Quick Promo: My old mate Suggs will see his new book released on August 20th and Amazon already has it available for pre-order. Based on his popular television series, Disappearing London, the book contains many of his feelings, memories, and views on old and modern London. It’s on my shopping list already.

Hardback £18.99 RRP (978-0755319251) – Click here to view details
Paperback £12.99 RRP (978-0755319329) – Click here to view details

The Scruffy Dog Review – Winter Issue OUT NOW!!

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