My Weekend

My Weekend
Image: John McTarnaghan

I hope you all had a great Valentine’s weekend whatever you chose to do – and whoever with.

Gail and I had a nice time yesterday. Our initial plan had been to drop Laura off at her Gran’s house, go and see an afternoon movie, then come home and have a few drinks and Gail would cook dinner. After some discussions and a busy afternoon for us both in different artistic respects, neither of us could be bothered. So in the end we settled on watching a DVD – The Island with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson – not bad, I thought; half decent escapism with a healthy dose of humour. For food we ordered some Indian – the easy way out, I know, but my lamb pathia was simply divine washed down with a couple of lagers.

Earlier in the day I had left the house just after 8am with Laura (she was not amused) and we took a bus to the other side of Edinburgh. We popped into PC World in Corstorphine (pron: cor-stor-feen), where I bought a couple of PC-related devices for Gail’s laptop. Since we were in the area, we also popped into the Pets At Home store to look at their guinea pigs and rabbits. They still have the same rabbit up for adoption as they did the last time I was in. The poor wee thing looks so lost and alone I wanted to take him home, but alas, we have no more room.

Back into town and I took Laura to the new coffee shop I’ve started using on a Saturday. We had coffee and hot chocolate with pastries. Apparently the hot choccie is better then the old place, so it was a big thumbs up from Laura.

Into today (Sunday) and Gail and I took advantage of the empty house to enjoy a lazy Sunday morning lie in. It was duly interrupted as per normal by my FIL, but hey, this is my life.

Gail and I went out to buy some stuff for the coming week and a few items for later in the day. I decided I would make some sweet and sour chicken for dinner, so bought a chocolate cheesecake to go with it. I also bought some more fresh coffee but of different varieties this time: Guatemalan, Java Volcanic, Brazilian, and Zambian. I opened the latter as soon as we got back home – gorgeous to smell and beautiful to taste.

After a quick tidy of the office and some lunch, I put the bunnies into the garden, cleaned their house, then settled down to do some work. In no particular order:

  • Worked on the final two short stories I wrote during the Muse Conference in October.
  • Wrote some more on my novel, Blood Ties
  • Began the editing process on Greener is the Grass novella.
  • Did some research and reading for the sequel to Stella.
  • Made some changes to my website.
  • Made some changes to Gail’s website and marketing material.

And that was my weekend.

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2 Responses to My Weekend

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  2. Sounds like a great weekend!

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