Facebook Farce

Facebook Farce
Image: Facebook

So even if I wanted to close my Facebook account, now I can’t. And the rights to all the images I uploaded now belong to them, too? Can’t say I’m all that impressed with FB making the announcement after they’ve closed the deal without telling anyone. Now nobody can pull out or object. It amounts to nothing more than a cyber-hijacking.

I’ve only got a few things on my FB page – a few pictures, comments, and groups – but I also have my book covers posted and links with the titles to my blog posts. I use FB to promote my work and my website and I do scrape up some traffic through it. The thought of them owning all this stuff forever is just disgusting.

What FB has, and the reason I’m so annoyed, is put me back in touch with some old friends from my school days. So I’d hate to have to leave it because of this, but then, I can’t, can I? Something tells me this isn’t over yet. The storing of people’s data like this is surely a breach of the Data Protection Act, but I’m not sure how much of our law extends to sites hosted in the States. We shall see.

I got a great sleep last night; a full seven hours, which felt more like ten. Woke up feeling refreshed and raring to go, which is just as well because the day was manic.

Big Brother is one of my most hated TV programmes, and at its height I used to think Jade Goody was a total pain in the ass. I would always turn her off if I saw her on the box, but these days, I have to admit to feeling right sorry for the lass.

At the start of her illness I thought it was yet another cynical attempt to stay in the headlines and make some cash, but having seen now that her cancer is for real and she has only weeks to live, I think it’s very, very sad. As much as I despised what she stood for, I certainly wouldn’t have wished this one on her.

I think if I were in her shoes I would do the same things (like selling TV and magazine rights to cover her wedding so she can leave her kids with as much money as possible). What I found most remarkable about the various news reports covering this yesterday, was the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. There’s nothing quite like a socialist talking like a capitalist – which kind of sums up Britain’s Labour movement these days: Read what Gordon Brown had to say here.

This weekend I’m off down to South Shields to see my mate. It’s badly needed with all this work I’ve had on my plate lately. I always get a good wee bit of writing down on the journey down, so hopefully this will be no different.

I’ve taken next Monday off and I intend to spend the day writing. Looking forward to it – badly needed also.

Checking the news online tonight after working on Blood Ties, I noticed FB have done a full U-turn on their decision to control people’s data forever. So they did the decent thing this time, but who’s to say they won’t do it again?

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3 Responses to Facebook Farce

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  2. Diane says:

    Facebook made an announcement yesterday withdrawing the new terms and conditions because there had been such an adverse response to them. They say all the old terms and conditions apply again.

  3. Doesn’t the FB fiasco also violate the Creative Commons license? And copyright law?

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