Finding The Right Space

Finding The Right Space
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I can’t seem to find a minute of peace at the moment; the day job is mad and I’m champing at the bit to get back into some form of regulated writing. I can’t find regular slots – it changes each day – so although I am still writing it’s never at the same time and quite often not even in the same place. Writing on the hop like this isn’t good for my creativity – I need my space, and by that I mean my den, my office, the place where (to quote Frasier Crane): “I do my best work; my most profound thinking.”

A bit OTT, perhaps, but you get the idea.

Yesterday (Monday) was a washout as far as writing went. Originally when I took the day off it was so I could spend a day with Laura before she went back to school. But then I found out she wasn’t on holiday so set my mind on spending the entire day writing. She called me on Saturday afternoon while I was in a Newcastle bar to say she just found out she WAS on holiday after all, so my plans reverted back to the original.

Not that I minded, of course, as it meant a superb wee Daddy-Daughter Day was put into motion. After spending an hour deciding what we should do, we eventually settled on heading into town to the Omni Centre on Picardy Place. We went for lunch at Pizza Hut and gorged ourselves at the buffet – as much pizza as you want plus refills for about a fiver-a-head. I’m not even going to publicise how many slices we had between us, so ashamed am I.

From there we went upstairs to the cinema to see Confessions of a Shopaholic. If anyone ever doubted how much I love that little girl, the mere act of sitting through two hours of girly drivel should be enough to tell you.

Tomorrow I have meetings at work from 10am until 5pm so probably won’t have much to write about. Therefore, I’ll talk about my weekend away in Newcastle instead. I’ll need more room for that, anyway – there’s no way I can write about the debaucherous Group Captain in only a couple of short paragraphs.

The Scruffy Dog Review – Winter Issue OUT NOW!!

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