Charging Up The Inner

Charging Up The Inner
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I had an excellent weekend; just what I needed to relax me, stimulate me, and provide a watershed between what was a pretty dire month and what I want to do with March. I’ll talk about how each one happened.

On Saturday morning I got up at the crack of dawn, made some fresh coffee and left the house for a bus up town. My first reason for being up so early was because I like that time of day, but the second was also the reason why I didn’t hang around too long when I got there – hundreds of Italians were descending on the city for the Six Nations Rugby International game with Scotland, and so I did what I had to do – some research for a new story – and then got out again.

Back home my afternoon was spent working on the Ranfurly Review and other odd-jobs around the house. My evening was spent sifting through the research project I worked on in the morning, which I’ll talk about in tomorrow’s blog post since I also have pictures for you. Working on a new story gave me a source of motivation and renewed hunger, which is what I’ve been needing with other projects lagging and my struggle to make time.

Today was a family day and a very relaxing late-afternoon. The new issue of the Ranfurly Review launched so please go and get a copy – it’s a cracker and the front cover is especially good if you like photography.

Now, here’s my March plan, which holds a few changes from the first couple of months. I’m stirring a few things up and forcing myself to think hard about managing my time. I want to get off to a flier, and if I can manage that, things could be good.

Monthly GDR Plan

* Complete editing of Greener is the Grass
* Plan/research and begin writing Stella sequel
* Write one new flash/short story (and 2 from last 2 months)
* Re-submit any rejected/recalled short stories
* Enter at least one writing competition

* Write one poem per week

* Complete Scotland’s Treasure column for SDR Spring edition (Apr)
* Query higher paying writing markets, not more lower-paying ones

* Complete work amalgamating web design and freelance writing sites to

* Stay on top of RR submissions
* Work on layout of RR issue 7 (June)

Marketing and Promotion
* Brainstorm ideas and iron out tech problems for podcasts/videos
* Publish March newsletter
* Prepare April newsletter
* Publish March GDR Plan
* Prepare March GDR Review
* Prepare April GDR Plan
* Keep website(s) up to date

Reading & Learning
* Day by AL Kennedy

* Keep diet going (0/14lbs as at 4/1/09) – next weigh-in 7th March

The Ranfurly Review – Out Now!

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