People Power

People Power
Image: David Chief

How great it is to see the voice of the people being listened to for once. Forth Ports wanted to change the name of Leith Docks to Edinburgh Harbour as part of their expansion and development plan. But to many Leithers, myself included, it was seen as a further erosion of the identity that sets Leith apart.

When Leith became part of Edinburgh in 1920 it was done so against the voice of the people. And while Leith has no doubt benefited from being part of the city, there are many who felt that the renaming of their famous docks was a step too far. Leith has often been regarded as Edinburgh’s arsehole, and this latest display of arrogance stank of snobbery in my book.

And so it is with delight I read in the papers that Forth Ports backed down after strong representation was made. Read the full story here:

I got through lots of smaller jobs this evening: some editing, tying up of outstanding work, and some more research. Got a few poems bubbling under the surface, too, which I’ll maybe work on tomorrow evening.

Things are moving – I’m feeling better about things.

The Ranfurly Review – Out Now!

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1 Response to People Power

  1. I’m glad Leith won. Leith is so distinct — glossing it over by calling it “Edinburgh Harbor” is just yuppie crap. I’m glad people took a stand.

    And I’m glad you’re feeling better about things.

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