Waiting For Binny

Waiting For Binny
Image: Mo Riza

Nice and early start on Saturday, made all the better with the knowledge it was only day 2 of my extended weekend. One of Gail’s pals had crashed over for the night – their night not ending until after 3am – so I took Laura to her dance lessons and came home, made breakfast for everyone, and then posted my blog.

I had been meant to leave for Glasgow at around noon, but when Binny, my sister, called around 11:30 with a deeply distressed voice, I knew what had happened. She had been out to see Riverdance with my other sister, Fiona (for Binny’s 30th) and the night had gone on well past what they intended. 6am to be precise. They had gone to Finger’s Piano Bar of all places, and never left until closing time.

So, with an extended morning in Leith on the cards, I put the bunnies out for a while and did some writing instead.

I noticed Crimespree Magazine had reopened for submissions for March, so I submitted to them my short, Daffodils, and also sent off A Writer’s Hell, completed yesterday, to Drunken Boat. Unfortunately, all the submission email addresses were rejecting the submissions as spam, so I write to the webmaster for help. That also bounced. Not much use if a magazine puts out a call and nobody can email them!

While I was working I was absolutely delighted to hear St. Mirren getting their revenge for last week’s 7-0 hammering by Celtic in the league, by taking Celtic’s scalp in the Scottish Cup quarter final 1-0, their first win at their new ground in Paisley.

Binny FINALLY arrived mid-late afternoon, and after being sick all over my back lawn (I’ll need to move the bunnies’ run), we finally got on our way back through to Glasgow. We watched a movie, ordered a Chinese (she was feeling much better by then), and I made a start on installing her wireless network.

Today (Sunday), was spent at my sisters, completing a troublesome wireless installation and chilling out. Not so much chilling for me because of the installation, but I was glad to finally get to the root of the problem and complete it. It was, after al, part of the present to Binny for her 30th.

I didn’t get back home until it was almost 11pm, but when I did, I checked my email and the second – and final – draft of the front cover for Stella was waiting for me. I say ‘final’ because it is absolutely fabulous! I’ll upload it tomorrow for you all to get a look. I was so excited to see it, it really is top notch.

The Ranfurly Review – Out Now!

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1 Response to Waiting For Binny

  1. Binny says:

    I hang my head in shame 😦
    White wine truly is the root of all evil!!!!!

    ps. It wasn’t 6am… we got to bed at 4am.

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