The Quick Fix Doesn’t Work

The Quick Fix Doesn’t Work
Image: John Cooper

A Scottish quack has called for chocolate to be taxed in the same way as alcohol and cigarettes. Apparently, it’s required so we can tackle increasing levels of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Forward thinking Dr David Walker, a General Practitioner in Lanarkshire, said: “many people eat their entire daily calorie requirement in chocolate on top of their normal meals. Chocolate used to be seen as a ‘treat’ but now it has become a harmful addiction.”

For any non-Brits reading this, this is typical of British society today, where instead of tackling the root cause of a problem, educating, and helping people, somebody dreams up an idea they think will likely provide the quickest fix effect and thereby, eradicate the problem.

Indoor smoking was banned to stop people taking up the ciggie, young people had ASBOs smeared over their name to stop them being naughty, youth gangs saw special crowd dispersing devices fitted to street corners that emit a high-pitched squeal only under 21’s can hear, happy hour was made illegal so bingers can’t get drunk quite so quickly, and CCTVs were erected on every second building in town centres to stop violence and robberies getting worse.

The only problem is, none of these problems have been solved just moved on. People smoke elsewhere, ASBOs are seen as signs of status, youth gangs moved to the park, bingers still get drunk but not as quick, and weekend violence and robberies still happen!

Surely providing smokers with an incentive, educating our young, and giving people more to do would have far more reaching benefits into the future? I’m starting to sound like a bloody politician but I happen to think it’s true.

Dr David Walker should shut up and get back to treating sore knees and coughs, because it’s about all I think he’s qualified for. And if you have those symptoms but want to avoid the guy, then a good knee strap and a bottle of Benilyn will sort you out, both of which you can get at Boots for under a fiver each. But you didn’t need me to tell you that, did you?

I got through a tonne of work today and went to bed at night very tired but feeling strangely rewarded and excited. After my regular daily tasks (email, blog, job scan, coffee), I got tore into the returned manuscript for Stella my editor sent to me overnight.

I decided to keep the story in US English, but I was very happy to discover that most of the edits revolved around the use of two spaces after a period and not one. This was debated a while back and this had been my first submission using two spaces, so I’m swapping back to my former, more natural use.

The remainder of the edits were small things, mainly word usage and the timeline. With those fixed, I sent the manuscript back all dollied up. I also returned a revised version of the blurb, which as my editor pointed out, contained a key surprise in the book that she felt shouldn’t be there. So I re-wrote the whole thing.

I began work on the press release for Stella, which will go out as soon as I have a date for it. I think there is one more round of editing to go (involving an errata sheet), and thereafter, it’s onto publication. I’ve also signed up for all the Eternal Press sites they use for readers and authors to come together. There are launch days, author chats, and all sorts of things, but more on that later.

I sent off a copy of Fringe Fantastic to my assigned person in California, USA, as part of this year’s Poetry Super Highway Giveaway.

On the website front, I took down the sub-domains for Fringe Fantastic and Poolside Poetry, and incorporated them into my main website. Much more focussed that way.

Speaking of my chapbooks, I slashed the prices on them all and have made Poolside Poetry available as an e-book download for the first time ever.

Finally, I queried a course that Gail highlighted to me as being perhaps useful towards my crime writing drive. An Introduction to Criminology and a Criminology evening course is being run at Telford College here in Edinburgh, so I sent a query for more information.

My post yesterday on gun crime generated a lot of debate, and because this post was written before most of the comments arrived on the site, I’ll post proper comment on it tomorrow. Besides, I think this post was long enough for one entry!

All this week is Read an E-Book Week, and today I can offer all of my e-books for free or vastly reduced prices. You can download them all here from this very blog (below or from the Books Page) or from my website.

Read an E-Book Week

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1 Response to The Quick Fix Doesn’t Work

  1. NY Governor tried to impose a “fat tax” on soda here, but that’s been shot down, thanks to the stimulus bill, mostly. Plus, his rating is down to about 26%.

    You’re right — taxing this stuff doesn’t solve the problem. But the people who espouse this aren’t interested in SOLVING problems as long as problems create profit.

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