The Firearm Issue

The Firearm Issue
Image: Kevin Stanchfield

Thanks for everyone’s comments regarding gun crime in Thursday’s blog post. It generated a lot of debate, some of which, I’d like to come back on.

Brenda, I hear you when you say that the handguns used in the two incidents I highlighted were probably acquired illegally, and that there are other ways of inflicting violence, I just think that by making it harder to obtain these weapons in the first place things might improve.

I have to admit to being totally shocked when you said you have 7 firearms in the house. Personally, I can’t conceive a situation where you would even need one, let alone 7. If they’re locked away, then why DO you need them? What is it that drove you to feeling so unsafe?

The law in the UK is pretty simple, possession of a firearm will get you banged up – no questions. Firing one at all will be a longer term, and the rest, well you can imagine. There are people who manage to get hold of firearms in the UK but they are few and far between, and the reason is because they aren’t readily available. I couldn’t just walk into a shop and purchase one with no questions asked. Too many places get away with that, which seems to be a part of the problem. Too much money is made from them it’s a huge source of income.

One problem we have in Scotland is the issue of knives. We see hundreds of people a year landing in hospital and mortuaries with stab wounds and slashes, but knives are perfectly legal to buy – you get them in most kitchen stores. However, it’s illegal to walk about the streets with one in your pocket without a good reason, laws brought it in here purely because he problem got so bad in some parts of the country.

The fact that repeat offenders aren’t allowed to buy firearms sounds to me like closing the barn door after the horse has bolted. If these people couldn’t offend with a firearm in the first place, people wouldn’t be dead and it wouldn’t be so much of an issue. If nobody could get hold of a firearm – mentally ill or not – would you still feel the need to have 7 on your home alongside your family?

The only question I would someone who owns a firearm is this: “could you kill someone and live with it?” The answer to that is usually along the lines of: “Yes, if they were threatening my family.” But here’s another question: “Have you ever pointed a gun at someone and would you be able to go through with it?”

One thing for sure is the wide varied opinion on this matter and it’s been an interesting subject to hear your opinions – those of you who sent off-line comments to my email, also. One thing I hope, Brenda, is you never have to use one of your guns and your family remains safe x.

Anyway, change of subject. If anyone missed Suggs’s dancing on TV for BBC’s Comedy Relief last weekend, you can catch it here: Let’s Dance

Heck of a busy day at the day job. Nothing but meetings getting in the way of work I had to get through, and then an afternoon service problem through that further into the air. Oh, and the Chinese meal I went for at lunchtime also took time out, but hey, you have to eat, right?

I spent some time reading up on the EP Author’s Forum, and was welcomed merrily into the group. I’m looking forward to meeting some new writers through it. I’ve heard nothing back from my editor, which can only mean the edits I applied to my manuscript went through ok and it’s off to the next stage. One day closer!

All this week is Read an E-Book Week, and I’m offering all of my e-books for free or vastly reduced prices. You can preview and download them here:

It’s rugby weekend here in Edinburgh, so I’ll be offline until Sunday. Have a great weekend!

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  1. To where did you disappear this week?

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