Playing With Charlotte

Playing With Charlotte
Image: Jeff M for Short

Message for Mum: Happy Mother’s Day!

An early start, and after calling my dear “old” mother (she’s not old, but I have to say this to avoid a belting), I had my breakfast and got ready. I put on BBC News 24 while I was drinking my coffee and the news the country had been expecting finally came through – Jade Goody had lost her battle with cancer and died overnight at her home.

I never liked the woman when she was at the height of her “celebrity stardom”, I found her brash and stupid, and she came to represent everything that was wrong in television production and society in modern Britain. But I wouldn’t have wanted anything like this to happen to her, and in the end she did amazing things by letting the cameras roll and highlighting the terrible effects cancer can have on a person and her family. May she rest in peace.

We went out in the car for the day and took in a trip up towards Perth to see my sister, her hubbie, and of course, her wee baby Charlotte. It had been a wee while since I last saw Charlotte and she’s looking absolutely bonnie, full of spirit and smiles, though her baby teeth are starting the big push so there was a bit of girning to go with it.

We had a nice lunch of salad and fresh pizza, some good chat, and after some baby playing I fed Charlotte for the first time – liquidised beef stew and fresh fruit yoghurt (she eats better than me) – then I helped to give Charlotte her nightly bath.

We didn’t get home until later on, but I got in just in time to listen in to Rick Lupert’s live Blog Talk Radio broadcast from L.A. to celebrate the Passover Haggadah, which saw poets from the A Poet’s Haggadah anthology reading out their work live. Most enjoyable.

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