Hello, I’m A Racist

Hello, I’m A Racist
Image: KNS News

I had to laugh when I read the article about the 18-year-old lad who secretly painted a 60ft penis on the roof of his parents’ mansion in Berkshire (see picture at top). Apparently it was there for a year before they even found out!

Later on, I almost cried with despair when I read the article about David Jason having to apologise for a “racist” joke he said on the radio. Despite no complaints having been made, a spokeswoman for the radio station concerned said: “The comments made were unacceptable and [the DJ] distanced himself from them live on air. We consider the views of our listeners to be very important and have received no complaints about these comments.”

What’s the world coming to? It’s okay for jokes about ourselves to be broadcast on the television but not for other races? I hear jokes about the Scots and Irish a lot, Members of Parliament are regularly ridiculed, and even our Royal Family comes in for some hefty stick now and again. But utter the phrase “turban head” and one is castigated from society.

And why is it ok for the English to make fun of us Scots, by referring to us as “the Scotch”, a shortened version of Scottish that implies we drink a lot, yet when we shorten the word Pakistani to Paki, it’s a criminal offence?

Political correctness has gone too far. David Jason shouldn’t apologise, the idiots that say we in our own country have to bow to every demand of every foreigner should. When I go to Rome I do as the Romans do out or respect for their culture, religion, and way of life. It should work both ways.

What was the intensely racist joke that caused the furore?

Q/ What do you call a Pakistani cloakroom attendant?
A/ Mahatma coat.

Snigger and you’re a racist.

Here’s another:

Q/ How do you disperse an angry Scottish mob?
A/ Start a collection.

Q/ How do you get a Scotsman onto the roof?
A/ Tell him the drinks are on the house.

Both funny – guess I must be a racist then – and you too for smiling.

The day job over the past week has been pretty demanding. As well as a full working week I worked all through the night in to Saturday morning, and was then on standby for the remainder of the weekend. All of which meant my weekend was pretty much up the spout.

In between shifts I did manage some work, believe it nor not. I wrote several poems, worked on Greener is the Grass (though not as much as I would have liked), and dealt with website queries and updates from three of my regular clients.

I need, and I can’t emphasise this enough, to get back on top. I feel like I’ve dropped the ball on almost everything I’m working on and I’m slipping into a bad place with my writing. Frustration is building despite the impending release of Stella, which is probably the only thing keeping me sane at the moment.

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1 Response to Hello, I’m A Racist

  1. Lara says:

    Yep. We all just walk on eggshells these days, don’t we?

    HILARIOUS about the penis on the house–I read about that. THAT took some “balls” didn’t it? *snigger*

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