Dead, But Without The Coffin

Dead, But Without The Coffin
Image: Ambient Damage

As I said before, I knew it was going to be a tough weekend; I just didn’t appreciate how tough it was going to be. As I write this I am still in the recovery zone, the place where stress and caffeine levels drop to normal, and where my body tries to return to a normal sleeping pattern.

If you will remember, Saturday night was a late one and it was followed up by part 3 on Sunday morning – a 6am start, which in relation to the previous day’s stress, this one beat it hands down. I logged on to The Company network to discover disaster had struck overnight. I can’t go into it for obvious reasons, but after several urgent phone calls a decision was made and the problems were able to be rectified.

I worked until 2pm then crawled into bed for a couple of hours. With my father-in-law drilling holes in the kitchen walls and sending earthquake-like vibrations through the house structure, this was no mean feat, and gives you an indication of just how tired and stressed out I had become.

I enjoyed a nice dinner before spending the evening completing some work for a website client. This was about all I could manage having been working in intense technology-mode all weekend, I couldn’t switch into creative-mode with the energy levels I had remaining. So I did this instead. Better than nothing and it’s paid work.

After going to bed for 2 hours of crap sleep I was up again at 1:30am to finish part 4 of the weekend extravaganza. Two-and-a-half hours later and it was finally over, I climbed into bed with the alarm set for 6:30am.

When I got up at 7am I was totally zombified. I could not have even told you my name. I sent a text to my boss – I wasn’t going in. Sleep was now more important if I was to survive and I went back to bed for a couple more hours. When I got up again I felt better but I felt like I was in some kind of weird limbo between reality and sleep for the rest of the day – see recovery mode description in paragraph 1.

To today then and my creative energy was filling back up nicely, enough to be able to work on book two of the Stella story. I call it book two because I think the way the story ideas are developing in my mind I could be looking at a trilogy.

I did some more website work in the evening for another client, before calling it all to a close early and a much-needed proper night’s sleep. Bliss!

Some advance notice for Wednesday: I’ll be publishing a special one-off post at 8am BST in between my two regular daily posts, a one-off exclusive interview with award-winning poet Sage Cohen – you won’t want to miss it.

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