Weird Things Inside My Head

Weird Things Inside My Head
Image: Martin Kingsley

I hope you all liked the interview with poet Sage Cohen in yesterday’s post. Hopefully it made a nice change from the norm, and I think you’ll agree it made for great reading. I’d like to thank Sage for the opportunity to be involved with her new book and for coming to Freedom for the day.

Inviting other writers and poets to guest on my blog isn’t something I’d really considered until I spoke with Sage. I think it worked, though, broke things up a bit, and I may expand the idea for the future in a regular slot or something of similar ilk.

I’ve got a few good chapters of Greener under my belt since I last posted, and it’s moving on nicely. There’s a lot to do on this one before it will be anywhere near ready, but I’m enjoying the story and it’s easy to get into the characters on this one.

Stella looks like being a summer release at the earliest. Eternal Press launch eight new titles on the 7th of each month, and May’s scheduled books were all announced yesterday, too. I expect to hear when the date will be ahead of any announcements, but I was secretly hoping for accidental surprise – my own naivety, of course. There is a serious side to it, in that I’m unable to completing the designs for some of my web and paper adverts.

That said, I did a LOT of work on the marketing plan for Stella. I got a lot down in more detail, such as websites to approach for a blog tour, design ideas, and general things I can do in the lead up to the release. The more I do now in preparation, I figure the less I will have to do nearer the time, and I can’t deny it’s a lot of fun.

Some more poems oozed out my strange mind during the day – early morning and late at night. I wrote one yesterday when I got into work – I had it written in my head by the time I got to my desk – it was about a woman’s hair I saw while walking to work, and how I would like hair like hers if I had any and was a woman. Told you it was odd!

I’m throwing several ideas around for the PSH Free-For-All on 1st May. I need to get a move on because there are only a couple of weeks left, but I can’t seem to fall on the one idea. Should I use it as an opportunity to promote previous work, or put something together that’s new as a taster for something to come – even though I don’t know what that is either.

From experience, these things questions are usually answered in a flash. In other words I have faith that it will come to me, somewhere silly and sometime least appropriate.

I worked until after 7pm tonight and on my way home noticed the most amazing band of white cloud stretching across the entire length of the sky. As the sky darkened over Edinburgh the band remained, and when the almost full moon rose behind it create the most amazing atmospheric scene. Eventually the moon moved away from the band, only casting its glow onto the wispy strands, and slid behind the spiny branches of the tree at the end of my garden. All it needed was the wail of a Werewolf and a wee boy riding a bike through the sky with a basket laden with strange little monsters.

Every year in Camden Town, London, an event called the Camden Crawl takes place. It’s a fabulous occasion where bands come together and play in pubs around the famous town and everyone has a great time in the party atmosphere. This year the event runs between 24th and 26th April, and comes with a little bit of extra spice.

The Camden Crawl will host over 150 acts in over 40 venues in Camden over the two days, and yesterday BBC Radio 6 announced that it will play host to Madness, on the occasion of their 30th anniversary, at a series of live free events for which a ticket to Camden Crawl will not even be required.

For more information and to buy tickets:

Cheap and free e-books:

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