Return to Clark’s

Return to Clark’s

Bags of energy this morning – and it was a pleasant morning. I drank my Zambian coffee in the back garden with the bunnies, smelling the damp dew on the grass and the heavy sea air lifting. I often forget just how close Edinburgh is to the ocean.

Day job was just the usual until lunchtime. I started my shift at 7am and did five hours of the compulsory seven before stopping for lunch. We’ve a few big things happening in the team starting Monday so there was a lot of prep work to finish off.

I decided to get something from one of the shops round the corner purely to get me out of the office. It was a nice day and I fancied a wee stroll. As I passed Clark’s Bar something called out to me; an old friend waving in the distance, “where have you been for so long?” he was saying.

So I found myself back in Clark’s.

The beautiful thing about this bar is nothing changes. It’s been months, many months, since I drank in Clark’s, and I felt immediately relaxed. To a further extent, I felt “home”. I ordered a Guinness and read the paper at the bar, watched some footie on the box, chatted to some of the regulars – another thing about this place that doesn’t change is the people in it – and recalled the pint that William McIlvanney owes me and promised he would buy me in this very bar next time he was in Edinburgh.

My colleague joined me later on and that was lunch sorted. The afternoon was short and sweet, just the way I like it.

Back home later, and Laura asked for her pal to stay over. With Gail out to meet an old friend, I bought them pizza and retired early to my room to watch a film and eat my own.

Knackered from topping such an early start off with five pints of Guinness and a pizza, it wasn’t the latest of nights for me. It was great to be back in Clark’s again, and hopefully we have a new body in the team I can go for lunch there a bit more often.

Looking forward for a moment, this is a weekend I really want to make count. Here’s to a goodie!

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