Public Holiday

Public Holiday
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I find that working on a public holiday has more benefits than drawbacks. The bus is empty on the way to work, the streets are clear so the journey takes less than half the time, there are no school kids lying across all the bus seats, the shops that are open have no queues, and the work requests in my day job drop considerably, meaning a relatively quiet day can be had.

In fact, the only thing that depressed me about today was that I missed another gloriously out of place day of summer sunshine. But I can live with that.

Earlier in the morning I had watched the early dawn while relaxing in the garden with the chatter of the birds in the still air. I was evenly keeled for the day ahead when I left for work, and was in such a good frame of mind that a short story came to me on the journey in on the bus. It didn’t even need planning out – it was all there.

During lunch I took advantage of the quiet streets to go for a brief walk, stopping in at the local supermarket to buy a new stock of coffee: Java, Columbian, and Italian.

Settling down to work for the evening saw me penning the short story that came to me earlier in the day. It’s probably going to be called Briefs and is a first person take on an intense moment in a young lad’s life.

The Edinburgh e-book is coming together, though I do need a title. I have several ideas already and keeping getting flashes of inspiration, but none seem to quite fit the bill. I’m sure it will come; it’s just a matter of looking with patience.

Everything is moving along at a good pace just now. In fact, things are very good and I’m getting a lot out of my writing just now.

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  1. Isn’t it great when the writing flows well?

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