Avoiding Doing Nothing

Avoiding Doing Nothing
Image: Alan Levine

It would appear that TweetDeck is a pretty good thing – thanks Devon for leading the way. I installed it this afternoon and within five minutes had overloaded my API allowance and had to turn it off, such was my excitement at being able to track conversations properly. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a whole bunch of responses to previous tweets of mine I never knew existed!

I managed to squeeze a couple of hours up in town this morning while being on standby for the day job. I took a walk along Shandwick Place down onto George Street and popped into Waterstones for a bit, browsed some books but nothing took my fancy. My shelves are overloaded with books still to read anyway so wasn’t much in the market for anything new, although I did come across anew Paul Auster book I hadn’t head about, so I’ll finish up what I have of his before getting a copy. Probably should have bought it at the time now I think of it, but hey-ho.

I enjoyed a cappuccino and chocolate pastry in my usual coffee shop with a newspaper, apart from the dozen or so Geordies taking up three tables and causing a hangover-induced rumpus. For a moment I thought I was back in Glasgow on a Saturday night.

Remembering I had to be back for noon, I jumped on a bus and made it home just in time. I found it hard going getting started writing today. Not sure why, I’ve plenty of motivation and plenty to do before the end of the month, I was just lacking that certain mmmphh to get me started. I think there’s a wee bit of burnout in there somewhere so I brewed some Columbian and did some reading to charge things up.

It didn’t work, but at least by reading I felt I wasn’t procrastinating. I hate the thought of a lost Saturday (weekend), so it’s better for me to be doing something creative than nothing at all.

In the evening I did pick myself up enough to do some writing into my notebook, several areas of work covered in the vastly reducing pages of my current one – poetry, e-book planning, and two short stories – well, one was flash but it was fiction at least.

For information, Madness will be on Later With Jools Holland this week: 10pm on Tuesday 21st, and the extended repeat at 11.40pm on Friday 24th – set your VCRs now!

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