Harrington Weather

Harrington Weather
Image: KargoWear.co.uk

Here’s an interesting fact I’ve discovered through twittering on TweetDeck: @tourscotland told me that Fife has its very own nudist beach! Kinshaldy Beach must be one of the coldest places to have a “naturist reserve”, given its proximity to the North Sea and northerly latitude. Plenty of stiff nipples in Fife it would appear.

I woke up this morning to another glorious blue sky and promise of warm climes for later in the day. I missed most of the sunshine yesterday because of my urgent PC problems, apart from the half hour I spent in the back garden playing with the bunnies while Gail photographed them lazing in the sun. I thought rabbits were meant to hop around but mine just lie there sunning there backs and talking about the footie.

The warmer weather reminded me I desperately need to get a new summer jacket, as my thick black one is already far too warm. I quite fancy a new Harrington but I don’t know anywhere in Edinburgh that sells them, so I may have to go online. Madness have issued a special 30th anniversary Barracuta jacket but it comes in a couple of non-Colin colours.

I also woke up to the news that a long since forgotten submission to Sniplits had been rejected, something I had assumed to be the case many months ago after it had already been with them for many months. At least they got back to me, something not all editors have the courtesy to do.

I’m thinking of purchasing a PC Notebook for when I go away on my travels. I’m looking at 10” versions, which I would use for travel writing, blogging, and other writing while on the go. I reckon I can get one with my requirements for close to £200, I just haven’t found the right one yet.

I spent most of my evening working on Greener is the Grass. It’s very obvious while working through which chapters were written on my “off days”, since the prose is positively boring. Some passages read more like a listed description of what Jamie, the protagonist, is doing. It will need a lot more work before I let this one out.

I think I’m just about ready to begin writing the sequel to Stella. I’ve got myself to a position where the researching, thinking and planning has gone as far as it can, and the itch is becoming more of a pain. I need to make sure I get a right good stab at the first session so I can finish up the rest of the work milling around.

And I need to complete my chapbook entry for this year’s PSH Free-For-All. I’ve got a theme developed and all the poems together, all I need now is the chapbook to be built, a front cover designed, and a title.

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Keen runner, thriller author, Madness fan, Mets fan, St Mirren fan/owner, rabbit tamer, outstanding fake faller. Loves cannolis & espressos. #LFGM
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1 Response to Harrington Weather

  1. Stevie Ward says:

    Colin, Heres where I bought my Harrington. Very good quality. You’ll need to be quick to get it for next week.


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