Bye Bye Ghoulnet

Bye Bye Ghoulnet
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Great news! GNHosting (aka Ghoulnet) has finally gone bust! In an email released yesterday morning the company said, “It is with deep sadness we have to inform you that for reasons beyond our control Ghoulnet Ltd has ceased trading.” Let me repeat the important bit here: “…reasons beyond our control.” Beyond their control? There is one reason and one reason alone this company has gone down the tubes, and it is this – plain and simple shite customer service. I speak from a position of authority and bitter experience on this matter, given that I used to be a customer of theirs.

Ghoulnet were cheap and at one time among the best in the business, but their friendly approach disappeared somewhere along the way when they realised they might be able to make a quick buck without actually doing anything in return. Servers went down unmaintained, spam was rife, and they even burnt down their data centre and several machines with it on one occasion. They stopped taking phone calls, emails went unanswered, and they responded to requests through their support forum with short and rude responses.

They were born golden visionaries of the web hosting business and died a shower of shambolic cowboys. Good riddance Ghoulent, I can only hope Ezee Internet, who have taken on your portfolio, do a better job at it then you did.

If anyone is wondering, I moved to UK2.NET a while ago and am totally satisfied with their products, reliability, and most importantly, their customer service which is outstanding.

I’ve been surprised at the usefulness Twitter has started to provide me in terms of networking and promotion. I’m meeting a lot of new writers and other artists, and even had tweets sent to me from more “established” people in related and entertainment industries. Locally, as well, there is a large Tweeting community, and it’s opening up possibilities all over the place for me just now. Very pleased with TweetDeck in keeping track of it all; not possible through the normal web GUI.

Good progress made on Greener is the grass, the PSH e-book, and the Stella sequel, and I’ve written this blog, for the first time ever, about the day before, i.e., posting real-time about the previous day. Confused? Don’t be, I’m trying to free myself from the mundane.

Here’s a wee video exclusive for you (almost), the new video for the forthcoming Madness single due for release on 11th May by Lucky 7 Records. It’s called Dust Devil, and is taken from their new album, The Liberty Of Norton Folgate. Extra points if you can spot Suggs and Chas Smash in the vid. You can pre-Order the single and the album now from the Madshop at Video: Directed by Adam Smith Featuring: Jamie Winstone and Alfie Allen.

Cheap and free e-books:

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7 Responses to Bye Bye Ghoulnet

  1. reservoir says:

    I too was a victim of GNHosting incompetency, and was left stranded for over a year, never a response to URGENT support tickets. I lost domains and my business was severely disrupted, had to abandoned them and get myself a proper hosting company.

    However, i learned that Karl Gray was responsible for Ghoulnet and guess who is running operations at Ezee Internet?…..the one and only Karl Gray!!

    I wouldnt trust Ezee Internet as much as I hated to trust GNHosting/Ghoulnet

    Finally I have control of my domains this week after 1 year without response!

    RIP Ghoulnet ….I spit on your grave….but beware the ghostly Ezee Internet…is it the evil resurrection!!…wait and see.
    Get out od Ezee Internet while you can.

  2. Lambretta says:

    From me a long suffering Ghoulnet customer, i am old enough to remember what they were called before they changed their name to Ghoulnet????
    Yes you’ve guessed correctly it was “EZEE INTERNET”…..
    I forget the year,must have been around 1999 to 2003 that period.
    Oh dear so is it the resurrection?

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  4. Arrow says:

    I am worried because I have a few domain names with Ghoulnet/GNHosting. One of the domain names needs renewing and Ezee Internet has contacted me. Ezee Internet wants me to renew with them. What can I do to get my domain names away from Ghoulnet/GNHosting/Ezee Internet? How can I renew my domain name with another company since Ghoulnet/GNHosting handed the authority to Ezee Internet?

  5. Simon Dean says:

    Yes, first there was EZEE Internet, then came Ghoulnet. After this came GNHosting.

    Problem after problem after problem and ZERO SUPPORT (and terrible pricing) forced my hand to move elsehwere. GNHosting later changed its homepage to a WIKI style front end. Now GNHosting has gone, EZEE Internet is back, and that seems to be led by the same guy behind GNHosting (Karl Gray), and with the same WIKI style front end.

    Avoid at all costs would be my only advice.

    Im with a company called hostnexus now who for $47 a year offer 5 Gig of webspace compared to £15 a year for 50 Meg. Even I could offer 250 Meg for £7.99 a year. Im not advertising either, I havent left my details, just pointing out how poor EZEE are.

  6. Tim From Liverpool says:

    Theres a saying that fits here.
    A bad workman always blames his tools……The major problem people had with ghoulnet was that they failed to read the webpages correctly & couldnt work out how simple it was to actually renew your domain….it caught me out until i read the instructions & after that it became plain sailing.

    • Granted there was nothing much wrong with their automated system, but unfortunately in the 21st Century people need a little more than that when it comes to money they have spent on a service that doesn’t exist AFTER it has been advertised.

      Ghoulnet/GNHosting/Ezee or whatever they are called these days were rip off merchants. They provided terrible service, terrible attitude to customers, and compared to other UK companies their automated system is actually pretty pish in comparison.

      What they had on their website was minimal and in no way satisfactory for people who wish to know how they operate or need assurance that their money is being spent on upgrading of the systems/backups/stability, etc. and not straight into the MD’s pocket.

      A bad workman may blames his tools but should he not blame the companies that are meant to help support his business after he has paid his bills? Would an electrician take the blame if their was a power cut? Or would that not be the electricity company’s fault? Crap service from Ghoulnet is not the customer’s fault – it’s Ghoulnet’s fault.

      It’s this last point that proves you are but the only one who thinks Ghoulnet was good value for money. You didn’t work for them by any chance?

      Try – by far a better company who you can actually TALK to on the phone, EMAIL them and they get back to you, and have online IM with technical or sales reps. Ghoulnet are conmen. Pure and simple.

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