Hampden In The Sun

Hampden In The Sun
Image: glasgowguide.co.uk

Well the Buddies got beat; another semi-final disappointment, this time at the hands of the Forces of Darkness. As far as footie matches go it wasn’t one of the best, but St Mirren, I felt, could have taken better advantage over one of the weakest Rangers sides I’ve ever seen. With a team full of old men and missing key players, it really was ours for the taking, but perhaps the occasion of being on the big stage was too much for a young Paisley squad.

I was even more pissed off by the discovery that all my Tweets and TwitPics from the day went un-posted. Something went wrong within the system and only late on Saturday night did I discover nothing had gotten through. I’ll rectify that for Wednesday’s day out for The Specials coming to town, mark my words, and I’ll post the pictures from Hampden as soon as I’ve uploaded them.

I had gone through to Glasgow on Friday after work and spent the night with my sister in Mount Florida, a handy stone’s throw from Hampden stadium, and we spent the evening in with a Chinese meal and a couple of DVDs.

The weather at the weekend was awesome, particularly for the match on Saturday. It was sunny and warm over Glasgow for the match, but although we spent most of the game in the shade of the South Stand I still managed to burn my head somewhat with all the walking around we did.

After the game we met up with the Group Captain and his son, who had managed to get lost coming out of the stadium and found themselves a mile or two the wrong way along Clarkston Road. They had been in the opposing end of the ground to us, which only serves to prove the lower levels of intelligence that still exists among Rangers fans these days.

A few pints later and they left for home, and my Binny and I went back to hers while she prepared for a 30th birthday bash in the city centre. We picked some of her (well hot!) pals up in a taxi and dropped them off in the town, then I jumped aboard a train back through to Edinburgh.

Yesterday was a pretty empty affair. I did a lot of reading, some clearing up, some PC maintenance, and some project work. Nothing, I can assure you, to write home to the blog about.

The week ahead promises to be excellent. On Wednesday I will be going to see The Specials, a band that means so, so, so much to me since way back in 1979. There will be drinking, skanking, sweating, and maybe even tears. Then on Thursday I will be attending the Beltane Festival of Fire on Calton Hill in Edinburgh.

There should be some interesting blogs and Tweets to come out of it all.

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1 Response to Hampden In The Sun

  1. Lara says:

    Now, Colly, why don’t you wear SUNBLOCK on your head??

    ;-)I would imagine that smarted…

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