Square Sausages

Square Sausages
Image: Kittens in the Kitchen

Tired start to the day. Never got my breakfast until I got into work so I missed out on it being a healthy one. Instead of fresh coffee and healthy wholemeal toast, it was minging coffee with a roll and sausage. One learns to adapt.

Square sausages, for those who don’t know, are the staple diet of many Scots men and women. Also known as a Lorne sausage, square slice, flat sausage, or just the ‘better bit’, square sausages are a hefty blend of beef (sometimes), often pork, spices, and other nice treats. It’s made in huge slabs, then cut up into squares and sold at the butchers or supermarket.

They are great fried, but you can also grill them (makes the go crispy and curly), or even deep-fat fry them. Eaten in a piece (between two slices of bread) or a roll, it is often accompanied with tomato ketchup, a tattie scone, or if you’re a fat bastard like me, a slice of black pudding.

Any questions?

Day two of my week on the 10-hour shifts. I’m burning with creativity at the moment for some reason, though, and every spare moment I find I’m managing to turn into a writing opportunity.

I completed the short story I began writing yesterday; another 1500 words to bring it to 3500 prior to editing. It started to go awry towards the end – the curse of 1st pov haunting me still – I shan’t take it for granted.

Edited another two chapters of Greener; five to go and the story is getting much better. If only I’d waited a week before starting writing it, it might all have been this good. The first third needs way more work than the last.

I had planned on making a start with the Stella sequel but I ran out of time. The errata document for Stella needs turned around asap for Eternal Press if I’m to get the book out as soon as possible. This has now jumped up the to-do list dramatically as it needs to be sent back.

Tickets for the Leith Festival went on sale today. Think I might get involved in more than just the carnival gathering in Leith Links this year. All depends on time, though, since I’ve got loads to do elsewhere. Tickets: www.leithfestival.com

Tomorrow: all about the black pudding.


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Thriller author, music fan, St Mirren fan, fluff chucker, rabbit tamer, outstanding fake faller. Loves cannoli.
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2 Responses to Square Sausages

  1. It feels like everything’s accelerating, doesn’t it?

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