Stella Will Hit The Book Shelves In One Month

Stella Will Hit The Book Shelves In One Month
Image: Dawné Dominique (Eternal Press)

The countdown has begun. I received confirmation yesterday morning that my new book, Stella, will be released by Eternal Press on 7th June, 2009 – one month today! Celebrations will soon begin all across the land, and the King and Queen of wherever will invite you to come and party for the whole day!

The 7th June is a Sunday, so I’ll be able to spend the day promoting the book and “attending” the virtual monthly launch day celebrations that Eternal hold. Naturally, I’ll fill you all in when I have more of the details. There will also be competitions, freebies, and other stuff of that nature coming soon, so stay tuned.

It felt awesome when I saw the date on the email. But it also put a little bit of pressure on with regards to getting the errata document back to my editor. Which I did – so all is well. I also updated the trailer with the date and polished it – you can view it below.

I completed the second round of edits on the Greener manuscript. It’s a good, all-round story that needs some work done on the plot arcs and tie-ins, but mostly on the juiciness factor. It needs to be made more compelling and the characters need to be more defined, believable – three dimensional. It’s getting there, though. It will be…

So, Michael Savage says he is going to sue the British government for defamation after being placed on a list of people banned from entering the UK?

Good for him. There’s a reason we created a law to ban people who promote hatred, terrorist violence or serious criminal activity – we don’t want you here! It’s our country and we can ban you if we fancy it. Going by some of the stuff this guy has come out with in the past, I’d say he falls squarely in the category of ‘most unwanted’.

The guy’s a complete tosser. He actually said autistic children were “brats who hadn’t been told to cut the act out”!

Go away you bigoted, egotistical, warp-brained, voice of hatred for the damned and those of lower intellect. You’re not wanted because you’re about as pleasant as the dog shit I scraped off my shoe walking to work this morning.

I wrote some more of a short story I had been writing in my notebook, and not directly onto the PC. Sometimes when I am lacking the focus, I find the mere act of writing longhand into a journal helps spur things into a good place.

I’m still toying with buying a mini-notebook – think I might have seen one that fits the bill. I’ll need to do some more checking out before I shell out any dough.

Devon’s comments on yesterday’s ‘Square Sausages’ post was the 700th comment left on Freedom from the Mundane since it started. I’m pretty sure you should win something, Devon, I just don’t know what. Square sausage roll, perhaps?


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2 Responses to Stella Will Hit The Book Shelves In One Month

  1. Diane says:

    Now, don’t you mince your words, Colin. You just come right on out and say what you mean. 😀 Seriously, Bravo the British Government for doing something right for a change. Now let’s make the list a bit bigger, shall we?

    (I’m going to have to find out his views on rape …)

  2. Good on you for calling out Michael Savage.

    Hmm, will those square sausages ship properly? 😉 I remember them well from my times in Scotland — yummy!

    I’m just delighted to be your 700th comment — that’s all the thanks I need!

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