Viva La Sushi

Viva La Sushi
Image: Kristiaan

I wasn’t in the best of moods when I got up today, and things didn’t improve by mid-morning. The sore throat I’ve had these past few days has started to go, but in its wake has left a stuffy, annoying head cold that just seems to be sitting there like a cold pizza on a damp Glasgow street.

Add that to the arsehole in my office that went into a bad mood because I couldn’t talk to him about knitting, because I was too busy contending with my work and an extremely hectic morning (the boss called in sick) and you’ll understand when I tell you I snapped and bit the old bugger’s head off.

Contractors. Who needs ‘em?

As the day wore on I got worse. My eyes grew heavier, my head sorer, and I just wanted to sleep it all away. It was the funniest thing, though. I met my sister at Ocean Terminal to see a film (she was through working in Reekie for the day) and we bought some food to take in with us. I bought a wee tray of Sushi, complete with Soy sauce, fresh ginger stems and wasabi. By the end of the night I was feeling noticeably better. By this morning, I was feeling pretty good. Tired, still, but the sore eyes and head have gone.

The film we went to see was Star Trek. I had my reservations but there was nothing else worth seeing that we hadn’t already – or to be more accurate, my sister hadn’t seen. Not being a Trekkie by any stretch, I have to admit this was a surprisingly excellent film. It was exciting, dramatic, true to the story, and it was really funny. It’s definitely worth seeing even if you don’t like sc-fi or are even into Star Trek. I’m not much of a buff on either, but I’d go again.

On the working front, I didn’t have much time left when I got home from the flix. While I was feeling much better, I still wanted to get a reasonably early night and shake as much of this cold away as I could before today.

Basically, I ran through my email – today is launch day for EP’s May releases and I had 170 alone just from them! – and carried out an update to my photography client, my lovely wife. If you are that way inclined, feel free to pop over and check her site with all its new images up:

Today, I’m hoping to make a start on the Stella sequel, complete a short story, and do a whole bunch of work on the marketing plan for Stella. With under a month to go now, I must be prepared as much as possible.

I’m still feeling the head cold’s presence, but it doesn’t feel like it has the power to ruin my weekend any longer. Viva la sushi!


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2 Responses to Viva La Sushi

  1. Wasabi is good for head colds. So are curries, and anything spicy. Glad yo’re feeling better!

  2. Sadao says:

    We all have days that work against us sometimes. I will try your remedy and eat tons of sushi next time I have a bad morning. If you find a cure for bad hair day, please let me know.

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