Attack Of The Slasher Beans

Attack Of The Slasher Beans
Image: Eiona Roberts

I got to bed at a reasonable hour on Monday night but when I woke up yesterday morning I felt like I’d only got about two hours sleep. Having promised to cover for my colleague’s early shift – hardly a big shake for me given I’m usually up and about anyway – I had no choice but to get up anyway. Not that I would have stayed in bed because I hate being around when my wife and daughter are getting ready for the day. It’s too much like being in a nuclear war zone.

The weather yesterday was more gorgeous as it was on Monday. Sheer blue skies and warmth from the breaking of dawn. For the first time in quite a while I felt hacked off about being stuck in an office for the day. I asked myself: “what would I be doing if I weren’t in the office?” Answer: “sitting in my office at home writing fiction.”

I completed my 2,000 word requirement before I even left for work, and that alone set me up for a fantastic day. What a feeling to know my main daily goal was complete even before I’d left for work. That left me ample time to plan out the work I could do over lunch and later that evening. I’m going to aim for this every day.

Over lunch I got 600 words down on the short story I began yesterday. I know the story’s plot and where it’s going, but it’s another first p.o.v. and is taking a little longer to get onto the page as opposed to my previous effort.

I decided on making Rarebit for dinner this evening and while removing the lid from the beans tin, covered myself in splashes of tomato sauce when the lid jarred off awkwardly. Annoying enough, but it all got worse when I dipped a slice of bread into the egg/milk mix and it turned deep red with swirly patters. I looked at the bread to see where the jam was coming from and the bread was soaked in blood. I’d only slashed the tip of my finger with the can.

Cooking and eating with a finger that won’t stop bleeding was awkward enough, and cleaning up the blood that had dripped onto the floor, cooker and kitchen top majorly frustrating, but typing on the finger with the cut was the worst part. Every press of my middle right finger is now felt.

To take my mind off things I pondered purchasing a section of the Water of Leith for a bit. I sent off a query asking how many shopping trolleys, discarded needles and condoms the package comes with. I’ve yet to receive a response.

I spent most of my evening working on the Ranfurly Review. All the submissions are up to date for end of February, and issue 7 is now full. I can start working on the layout properly now, and I can start thinking about what I want to do for the front cover with my new snazzy digital camera.

One bloke I accepted was funny. He went into panic-proofing mode and I had to calm him down telling him his work would come out fine. I rejected a lot of people last night, though – not a pleasant task but I’m getting better at it I think.

Twitter was interesting when I logged on later in the evening. Jonathan Ross (@Wossy) had been invited to Eminem’s album launch in Detroit next week – hotel/flights all in – but he couldn’t go. So he pitched a question over Twitter with the first response on his screen getting the invite instead. Some bloke won it and was naturally over the moon. Cool Twitter marketing if ever I saw it. I’ve seen a huge upsurge of hits to my site and newsletter subscriptions since I started mentioning my stuff. Fingers crossed for a good response to Stella also.

Today: 2k on Stella 2, finish the new short story, edit other stories, work on RR layout, and put together emails for a possible blog tour and PR for Stella.

Madness fans take note – the lads will be performing at the British Soap Awards after show party on ITV2 at 10pm tonight – tune in yer tellys!

Stella by Colin Galbraith – 7th June 2009 from Eternal Press –

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