Making Time For Things

Making Time For Things
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It’s a glorious morning outside. After a Friday that saw the clouds and rain return, and a Saturday that didn’t really know what it wanted, today I look out of my office window and the sky is blue, the sun is bright, and the birds are chirping. It’s been a great month for nice weather; long may it continue.

I never blogged yesterday because I never made the time. It wasn’t accidental and it’s not an excuse, I deliberately skipped it. Yesterday was a family day, or more a wife and I day because Daughter had been at a party last night and never got back till lunchtime, then after devouring her sausage roll went out with her pals for the afternoon.

I spent yesterday morning up town chilling and walking about. I got myself a new Linton Kwesi Johnson CD – top class reggae if you are unaware what he does. In the afternoon I was delighted to hear that St Mirren managed to grab 3 badly needed points to keep them away from the relegation zone. Fingers crossed the lads can keep going to the end.

There wasn’t anything you’d be interested in hearing from my afternoon with Gail, mostly chat, spending time together, watching TV and later, a nice dinner. Quite pleasant really, and something we don’t do enough of truth be told.

One thing we talked about was the “delivery” I got on Friday night – the first complete copy of my new book, Stella, due for release on 7th June. It looks absolutely fantastic! Everything is coming together very nicely indeed and the whole process seems to be extremely well organised. I really do have a lot to thank Eternal Press for, and not just the fact they are publishing my books, but for the delightful way they go about their business. It’s a pleasure to be publishing with them and long may our relationship continue.

While I’m on the subject of Friday, it was a hell of a day. I had gone out for my monthly pay day lunch with friends when near the end I got called into work. DEFCON 1 had arrived and I spent the afternoon dealing with the unholy of disasters. After Wednesday’s catastrophe I was well versed in the pressure of it all, but technically speaking, it pushed my skills to the limit. I got there though and in the end I had some very happy customers.

I was more than delighted to sink a few cold pints of Tennent’s Lager afterwards before heading home for an Indian meal with my wife.

Today I have a lot of chores to do: cleaning and tidying parts of the house, gutting the rabbit hutch, lawn mowing, and other work of the same type. I’m also “working at the day job” as there is an implementation currently going in today for which I’m supporting part of from home. Easy money, for which I have no complaints.

Later I’ll get down to some serious writing. I fell out the loop last couple of days but while yesterday wasn’t a waste, it still means I’m behind my target. No pressure, though, I’ve got enough of that elsewhere.

Stella by Colin Galbraith – 7th June 2009 from Eternal Press –

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  1. Glad you’re having such a great experience with Eternal Press!

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