National Say A Stupid Thing Day

National Say A Stupid Thing Day
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I nearly lost my rag with some of the idiots I had to deal with in the day job yesterday morning. It would seem yesterday was National Say A Stupid Thing Day, and someone forgot to tell me so I could turn my phone and computer off.

Honestly, you would think when these people were taken on that HR would hire a biologist to see if they actually had a brain hiding away somewhere under their craniums. The word ‘twats’ doesn’t begin to cover it.

I’m aware my mood was exacerbated by my tiredness, but you know what, there really is no excuse. Bank Holiday number 2 of the month and I have to talk to idiots at 8am on a Monday morning. It’s just not on. It’s uncalled for.

My ISP suffered an email outage earlier in the day and when I got back from work the support centre said it may take a while to reconnect, but that the problem had been resolved. As things stand this morning, the only way I can access my email is through the browser, which is not ideal and very frustrating.

The stupid remarks continued into the evening. Some plonk on Twitter blamed the current Governmental crisis on the fact that Gordon Brown and most of the other wallys down there are Scottish. I penned a swift retort, 140 characters and no more, basically calling him an arse for being racist.

If only we could put all the choobs onto an island and detach it from the earth’s crust, then watch it float away on the sea. Gordon Brown would be up front no doubt giving directions.

I met my daily target for Baccara Burning in the evening, but it wasn’t my most productive of sessions. I knew where I was going with it, although I think tiredness was holding me back. I ploughed on and it got easier but it wasn’t quite as enjoyable as previous sessions. A good sleep and a morning run at it should clear my head on it.

Devon asked yesterday what the differences were between a netbook, a notebook, and a laptop. There isn’t much of a difference other than size, and therefore, what they can offer by way of facilities.

Laptops are the biggest, ranging mostly from 15.4” to 17” screens, and come with all the offerings you would expect. Next is the slightly smaller Notebook, the only real difference being the size and therefore a lower price. Netbooks are the cheapest but have a noticeably lesser spec.

Netbooks are mainly for folk who need to be mobile and still have access to the internet. The one I’m looking at reads its essential bits like this: 1GB memory, 160GB hard drive, 1.6Mhz processor, WiFi and Bluetooth enabled, 3-in-1 card reader, WinXP, and has 5 hours battery life. Sounds like a normal laptop but it comes with a 10.2” screen and will fit inside a folder, so it’s just what I need for carrying around with me and allowing to be able to write, manage photographs, blog, work on email, etc.

Someone else (Arrow) contacted me about renewing away from Ghoulnet/GNHosting. You need to register with someone new and transfer out, then cancel your Ezee account with them – all of which can be done on their panels. Do it quickly, though, as there are no guarantees how long this option will be available.

This Sunday 24th May sees the Reggae Roast at The Big Chill at London’s Kings Cross. Headlining the event is our man, Suggs. More info at:

Stella by Colin Galbraith – 7th June 2009 from Eternal Press –

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