Time Out With Romance Author Michelle Miles

Take Me I'm Yours by Michelle Miles
Image: Michelle Miles/Cobblestone Press

Today, I’m delighted to welcome a good friend of mine onto Freedom From The Mundane, the talented and prolific author of many wonderful novels, Michelle Miles.


Michelle Miles began her semi-prolific writing career long ago in Junior High when she and her then-best friend wrote and illustrated their own Indiana Jones comic books. Star Trek fan-fiction quickly followed, as did Star Wars. Later, she dabbled in her own science fiction stories and historical fiction – princesses, towers, and handsome princes! Michelle finally found her footing on contemporary ground with her first novella, TALK DIRTY TO ME.

Michelle is a member of Romance Writers of America and is a native Texan residing in Fort Worth. In her spare time, she enjoys watching hockey, reading, adding to her shoe collection and drinking coffee.

Michelle’s latest book, TAKE ME I’M YOURS is available now from Cobblestone Press.


Marion is mending a broken heart. When her fiancé leaves her at the altar, she picks up the pieces and tries to get on with her life. She finds solace in her work at the gym and art lessons.

Graeme has never fallen in love. As a celebrity in the art world, he can have any woman he chooses. Yet the one he really wants has eluded him for years… until a chance encounter brings Marion and Graeme together, giving him his shot at having the woman of his dreams… and drawings.

Can Graeme’s love mend her shattered heart?

TAKE ME I’M YOURS is the third book from the Coffee House Chronicles. It follows the story of Graeme, a web designer by day and a painter by night, and Marion, who left her heart in at the church altar. Graeme has been in love with Marion for a long while—he was supposed to be the Best Man at the wedding. So when a chance encounter brings them together, he sees it as opportunity.

The two other books from the Coffee House Chronicles are available also from Samhain Publishing. Talk Dirty To Me is the first in the series about Claudia and Blake. She’s a phone sex operator and he’s a doctor. Sparks fly when these two meet and she realizes he could be one of her favorite callers. Nice Girls Do follows Cara and Mark. Cara is trying to turn over a new leaf, but the bad boy son of the coffee house, Mark, just might not let her.

Michelle started the series based around things in the coffee house, The Bitter End. It was a great place to have people meet and get to know each other, and Michelle now has another book in progress that features Delilah, Marion’s fashionista best friend from TAKE ME I’M YOURS. With Delilah, anything can happen and we never know who she’s going to end up with!


Hi Michelle – great to have you on Freedom at last!

Thanks for having me, Colin!

Where did you find the inspiration for Take Me I’m Yours and The Coffee House Chronicles?

I’ll start with part two of that question. 😉 Back in 2002, I wrote a really bad story for NaNoWriMo about nanotechnology and a bunch of other crazy stuff. It was awful writing, awful plot, awful everything. But in that story, I had a coffee house – The Bitter End. It sort of spawned the idea for the first book, Talk Dirty To Me. That was the first book to feature The Bitter End and then it just went from there. Fast forward to last year. I started writing Take Me I’m Yours with Marion and I had no clue where it was going. So I decided it would be another Coffee House book and, VOILA, Graeme was born. I decided Graeme needed to be a web designer by day and a painter by night. Because, what’s more creative and romantic than the two of them mashed together?

You seem to have developed a real affinity for steamy romance novels, I take it you are enjoying writing in the genre?

Well, I sort of fell into it by accident. I wrote Talk Dirty To Me (the first one) on a whim. A friend urged me to submit it and here I am nearly three years and three “hot” books later. It’s a fun genre to write and I do enjoy it, but I find I need a break from it every now and then for more “serious” works.

Some of the content in your novels is HOT! HOT! HOT! Do you find writing sex scenes addictive, compared to writing ordinary ones? And do you find that by writing sex scenes it gives you the buzz to keep on writing?

Sex scenes are like writing any other scene. It has to make sense to the plot and move the story – and the relationship of the characters – forward. So, I’d say no, they’re not really addictive. There have been times where I’ve typed INSERT SEX HERE and moved on because I didn’t want to slow down my momentum for the rest of the book. That’s when I go back and beef it up. But again, it’s like any other scene. I have to “beef” up those scenes, whether the characters are in the coffee house drinking a latte, or if they’re on the battlefield kicking butt. For me, writing any scene gives me the buzz to keep writing.

Have you ever based any of your characters or steamy sex scenes on real people or events?

LOL! No. Never. It’s all a rather warped figment of my imagination. Though, I have to say, I get this question a lot. Those folks I’ve talked to find romance writers – and specifically the sex scenes – fascinating. I guess it’s writing about something that usually only happens behind closed doors that’s so intriguing. But to me, those scenes are not gratuitous. They’re there to move the story along and show us the dimensions of the characters.

Some critics say romance writing is written by women purely for other woman. Having read and enjoyed your work I would disagree, but do you write only with female readers in mind?

Great question! Actually, I write to entertain myself first. The second (or third) draft is to polish and make ready for submission and that’s when I start looking at it from more of a reader’s point of view. Romance readers want that feeling of falling in love, especially with a guy who can sweep us off our feet, and that’s what I hope I can give them.

Are there any more Chronicles in the pipeline?

I’ve started drafting the Delilah’s story (Marion’s best friend from Take Me I’m Yours) which is tentatively titled Sex, Lies and Martinis. I’d also really like to do a story about the coffee house owner. She’d be an older heroine than I’m used to writing, so I’m intrigued by the idea of it.

Your Ransom and Fortune books were very popular. Do you have any plans to write more sci-fi? And would you ever write Star Wars (or any other) fan fiction again?

I love writing the hot contemporary romances because they sell well and that’s always nice to see. But really, fantasy and science-fantasy are the two genres I would love to break into (both with romantic elements). So to answer your first question, yes I do!

I don’t know about the fan fiction. I wrote that so long ago! I might do it again for fun, if the opportunity presented itself. I’m a huge Star Trek fan (long before the new movie) and wrote a lot of ST fan-fic, too. So that’s always another possibility. Gene Roddenberry’s universe is totally cool.

What else are you working on?

This ties in so great with the previous question. I just finished a fantasy about a female gladiator based on Ancient Rome. And recently I started a new sci-fi with new characters that popped up and started talking in my head. I don’t have much on that yet, and I’m not sure where it’s going but I like the characters a lot. She’s a smuggler and he’s a bounty hunter sent to capture her. Plus I’ve got Delilah’s story that wanders in and out of my head. It’s a cluttered place.

Your bio mentions your shoe collection. Would you like to explain to my readers precisely how extensive this collection is?

HA. I’ve been a shoe nut since I was a teenager. I blame my mother. 😉 I enjoy purchasing and wearing fine footwear and I would venture to guess I have at least 120 pairs. That doesn’t sound like a lot but when you live in a 1200 square foot house with one closet in the master bedroom… well… it gets cramped. Favorite brands: Jessica Simpson, Guess, Steve Madden, Gabrielle Rocha, Michael Kors. Favorite Fantasy Designers: Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, Roberto Cavalli, Giuseppe Zanotti. I salivate over them. Yes, it is a sickness. One I’ve learned to live with. 😉

Thanks for letting me stop by, Colin. I thoroughly enjoyed it!


Check out Michelle’s website at: www.michellemiles.net and her popular daily blog at www.michellemiles.net/blog

TAKE ME I’M YOURS can be preview and purchased from Cobblestone Press.

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5 Responses to Time Out With Romance Author Michelle Miles

  1. Great interview, both of you!

  2. Thanks for having me, Colin! 🙂

  3. Michelle and Colin, great interview! Michelle, I laughed about your “insert sex here” note. I’ve also used that technique with all kinds of scenes, but I don’t know that I’ve seen anyone else admit it! 🙂

    It was great to get to know you better, Michelle! Have a fabbo week!

    Nancy Haddock

  4. Wonderful interview, you guys! Very good information here and awesome teasers for the books, even the ones still in your head!

  5. Wonderful interview, Michelle and Colin. Michelle, I also laughed about your
    “insert sex here” note and have done the same. Sex scenes are my least favorite part of writing, but–as you said–they are a part of the characters’ lives and move the storyline along. Good luck with TAKE ME, I’M YOURS and continued success with your career.

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