Interviews And Promo Ops

Interviews And Promo Ops

I spent most of yesterday trying to lift myself out of a lag. My back was sore, my eyes tired, and I just felt like lying down and never looking at another computer screen ever again. But, STELLA won’t sell itself so it’s on with the show and on with the promotion wagon!

The weather here in Scotland isn’t helping either – it’s too nice! Today was another lovely day and if it keeps like this I think we are in for an extraordinary summer. Of course, I keep forgetting I have a Netbook now and can sit outside and write and email whenever I like. That’s a culture shock I’ll have to get used to.

Can you believe I got pitched a book about depression and getting out of debt because I Twittered about how tired I was after the book launch yesterday? Unreal! Ideally it should have been a book about how to come down off cloud nine without hurting yourself.

I had a total blast over at Sage Cohen’s blog, Writing the Life Poetic – stop two on my World Blog Tour for Stella! If you missed it why not pop back over and have a read at what you missed? It includes a competition for a free giveaway of STELLA and it runs until Friday.

Next stop on my World Tour for STELLA is over at Ye Olde Inkwell tomorrow, where my host for the day will be the awesome romance fiction writer, and personal friend of mine, Michelle Miles – you might remember her from last week as she was a guest here!!

I’ve bagged myself a fantastic promo opportunity at this year’s Appolo Con in Houston, Texas. A fellow author on the Eternal Press Authors’ Forum offered the chance to have promotional material included in goodie bags at a stand she managed to secure at the convention. Fifty STELLA postcards will shortly be winging their way to the States along with much grateful thanks.

My whole evening was spent on the phone or typing up written website interviews. People are sending me different sets of questions to add to the ones in the media kit, which is great, because it helps to vary things and keep it interesting.

I couldn’t believe it when I read that Rubina Ali, one of the child stars of the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire, is to publish her LIFE story! Transworld Publishers said the girl’s book will tell the story of her life in the shanty town where she grew up. She’s nine years old – how much is there to tell? It’s things like this that take the piss out of the publishing industry and what serves to make it harder for non-celebrity writers to make a go at it.

I finally caught up with my old pal whose brother died on Friday. My friend’s funeral is on Thursday morning, which will mean some jigging about of schedules at work and home. I’ve been asked, if I was needed, if I would mind helping to carry the coffin, which is an incredible honour.

On a brighter note, The Specials are touring again in November!! This time the lads are coming to Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange on Thursday 12th November, tickets for which go on sale on Friday morning. Oddly enough, Friday 13th is blank, so I reckon there’s the chance of another gig just like they did in Glasgow.

Stella by Colin Galbraith – available now from Eternal Press –

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  2. I’m sending HEX BREAKER post cards there, too! Too funny!

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