Not Enough Shrill

Not Enough Shrill
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Long day yesterday.

The alarm on my new phone isn’t shrill enough to yank me out of my sleep, and so invariably I find myself flopping back and lying for longer as I wait for another, stronger spur to get out of bed. Yesterday morning it was the sound of my wife’s alarm clock, indicating I had gone way past my normal and should already have been in the office. Today I did not bad, but only because I set my CD alarm to blast The Specials at me.

Day job dragged but I managed to pepper it with some writing over lunch. I got some editing done on a short story – a relief to be back in fiction-land again – before heading home for more promo work and a dash of freelance.

I’m still having difficulties moving a client over from GNHosting but I made some progress. I managed to get the site up at a temporary domain while I go to war with the hosting company. She’s getting pissed off and it’s hard explaining how it works, which I can totally understand. I thought I was going to lose her as a client but I talked her round and I can’t see me charging anything for this one. I may even offer an overhaul in the near future for no charge.

Today you can find me over at Michelle Miles’ Ye Olde Inkwell, on the latest stop of my STELLA World Tour. And Sage Cohen still has that free copy of STELLA up for grabs. All you have to do is pop over and leave a comment to qualify for the draw – what could be easier?

Speaking of the tour. I’ve added a coupe of new dates. I’ll be a guest at the blog of Cate Masters on the 18th, and this coming Saturday I’ll be the guest writer at Love, Romances & More – not my usual forum, I know, which is why it should make for an interesting day!

View all my other appearances here

Tomorrow is my friend’s funeral so I won’t be posting any of my usual stuff. I have to write his obituary today, which I’ll post tonight for publication tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to it at all. Gail has taken the day off work to come through with me, which I didn’t really expect her to do but I think, in hindsight, I’m glad she has.

Part of my apprehension isn’t just down to it being a friend who has died, it’s also about the living ones I’m going to meet. There will be people at the funeral from long ago in my life, from when I was a very small boy up to my mid 20s, and some of them I have deliberately put distance between for a reason. Now, I will be with them again, and I fear there will be a rush of horrible (and good) memories when I see their faces.

See you on Friday.

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  1. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow.

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