Totally Psyched

Totally Psyched

Yesterday’s blog tour stop over at Cate Master’s was a great success. Cate gave me a special interview plus the spot came with a free giveaway of a copy of STELLA. It’s open until Sunday so you can still be in with a chance of winning, you only have to point your browser to

Day job yesterday was totally manic. I seem to have hit a rich seem at the moment and am juggling several projects all at once, moving them all towards successful completion as well as being on what we call the BAU shift, i.e., it’s my week for dealing with all the regular tasks, daily system problems, and admin stuff.

When you feel yourself in the groove like that, being able to absorb everything that’s thrown at you, produce quality work and answer every single question that’s thrown at you, it gives you a great buzz. It’s not dissimilar to the feeling you get when you’re writing and you hit an almost out of body phase, where the words just come, you’re working on auto pilot, and anything that the characters throw at you, you can handle. There’s a great sense of satisfaction and relief when it’s over, mind you, and it takes quite a while to relax and come down off it.

The mate I was supposed to be meeting for drinks in the evening cancelled on me. He’s going through a bit of a marital crisis at the moment and he needs another man’s view on life and some support, so I’m pressuring him already to rearrange. It’s a case of must do rather than feeling obliged, because there’s a lot at stake and I love them both dearly.

That left my evening rather spare. I didn’t need a dinner because I’d gone for lunch myself in the work canteen. Thursday’s are macaroni & cheese day, and the trick is to wait until later in the lunch slot to go down because they throw the stuff on your plate instead of sticking to the rations. I had a massive plate of the stuff with chips (to provide my tummy with a lining since I thought at the time I was going to be out drinking), and sat and read The Guardian in a corner of the canteen. Think I might do that more often; most relaxing.

I’m still working on the draft for a blog spot I’m on next week. It’s rounding itself into a more coherent piece but it wasn’t easy, such was the size of the remit; enjoyable though, and a good challenge. Also got some editing done on that final short story I have going through the processor.

A friend and writer I spent some time with at last year’s book festival returned an email I sent him. He’s jacked in his day job to take sabbatical year doing various writing and publishing courses, as well as working on some projects. He’s also just completed the first year of the Diploma in Creative Writing and Literature at the OU. It’s a brave move but he’s done it before so I have faith.

We’ve arranged to meet for beers if not before August, certainly while the festival is on. He’s one of the few people I can talk to sensibly about writing instead because he isn’t living in dreamland like so many writers I meet seem to be. You know the ones; he actually does it instead of talking about how great it’s going to be when he’s famous. We had some great in-depth discussions about writing, publishing and books last year so I’m looking forward to meeting up with him again.

Plus he likes to drink so we’re a good match there also.

Today I MUST finish up all my outstanding work – day job and elsewhere – then tonight (straight after work actually) I’m off for drinks then to see The Beat who are playing at the HMV Picture House in Edinburgh. They’re a 2-tone band also touring for the 30th anniversary, and while I’ve seen them many times before I’m looking forward to some good skanking. I’m also writing it up for News of the World but it might not get used due to space issues this week. Fingers crossed.

Wondering what the image at the top is? If you’re fed up of the political mess the country is in just now, the get behind the campaign to put make Boris Johnson the next Prime Minister of the Great Britain. As the camapign slogan goes, “can you imagine the fun?”

Stella by Colin Galbraith – available now from Eternal Press –

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2 Responses to Totally Psyched

  1. Diane says:

    Heh, heh. ;o) Keep at it, Col.

  2. I’m glad the day job’s now challenging and interesting – that helps so much, since you have to spend so much time on it!

    Sounds like you’re going to have a great Book Festival!

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