Scaffie Shenanigans

Scaffie Shenanigans

It’s funny how life has a way of throwing things up either when you least expect it, or in my case, just when you didn’t need it. One minute you’re sailing in one direction, the next—wham!—course has changed and with it the memory of your life and a new emotion has been born.

Speaking of new emotions, the anger building because of the mess Edinburgh has become grows daily. Not my anger, but anger among the residents of this east coast town who have not had their bins emptied for about six weeks now.

The Scaffies say they will lose around 6k a year so they imposed work to rule. The council disagree and are now panicking that their world famous festival will be scarred by the sight of smelly tuna fish cans and orange peel. Meanwhile the bins are stacked high and falling over the place creating a hazard for the kids and people in the street. Not that some Leithers have even noticed but that’s Great Junction Street for you.

Whether or not I think bin men are even worth what they are asking, all this illustrates to me is a country in decline. Everyone strikes when they feel hard done by and it’s the people who pay for it who suffer. The Royal Mail workers are at it again, too! I suppose it will soon be the turn of Lothian Bus drivers to chip in also.

Yes, I would definitely say that my Council Tax is well spent and that the SNP are doing a bang up job. Thank you Salmond for sorting out the real mess.

I never got done what I intended last night other than some correspondence—too many other things to take care of—but tonight I’m on News of the World business at The Stranglers gig in Edinburgh. I’m meeting my sister, Binny, for a curry first then a few drinks first. Should be fun.

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Thriller author, music fan, St Mirren fan, fluff chucker, rabbit tamer, outstanding fake faller. Loves cannoli.
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3 Responses to Scaffie Shenanigans

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  2. Unfortunately, the polticians don’t take the workers seriously until there is something like a strike and people are inconvenienced enough to kick up a fuss. If the politicians did the job for which they were paid properly and stopped trying to nickle and dime the people who actually do the work to keep a city running, there wouldn’t be a problem.

    As a union negotiator whose faced both politicians and corporate dicks across the table, I can tell you that they have NO respect for the people who actually do the work that keeps the politicians looking good.

    When it comes to something like B’way, in fact, they think WE should pay THEM for the privilege of working every night and on holidays; I can’t imagine it’s much different in any other situation.

  3. Further, the reason workers have to be so strict about work-hour rules is this:

    First, the employer asks for a five minute overtime give “just this one time” to help out.

    It becomes the norm.

    It expands to fifteen minutes, to twenty-five minutes, to forty minutes.

    Finally it’s an hour time and you’re not paid.

    When you raise the issue, the response is, “If there was a problem with unpaid overtime you should never have started in the first place. Too late now.”

    And remember, most of these places don’t offer comp time for additional work, the way your gig does.

    THAT’s why work-hour rules have to be strict and have to be strictly adhered to.

    Because once you let it slide, you’re suddenly working an addtional 12 or more hours a week FOR NOTHING.

    You want me to work? You PAY me for ALL of those hours.

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