Twitter No More

Twitter No More

I ended up going with the wind yesterday and it paid off well. After an early start and thoughts of attending the annual Edinburgh Festival Cavalcade, the heavens opened and the decision was made not to bother. Scotland being Scotland, though, the weather turned at the last minute and it turned into a really nice day in the end, and the Cavalcade brought out some large crowds as a result.

We headed up around half past one and found a place behind Holyrood Palace under the foot of Arthur’s Seat. With Princes Street being closed off for tram works, the new route would take the Cavalcaders around Holyrood Park on Queen’s Drive. An inspired move as it happened, because it meant more people could actually see what was going on instead of cramming into the space provided by the width of Princes Street pavements.

There were lots of colourful and funny floats, buses, marchers and bikers, and there were plenty of theatre companies doing some promotion, charities, and of course plenty of pipe bands from countries the world over. I’ll have some pictures for you tomorrow in the form of a slideshow once I’ve finished preparing it.

Later in the afternoon I had intended to make a curry but the rest of the family went to see a girly flick at the cinema. Naturally, I stayed behind, and it gave me time to work on BACCARA BURNING. It also gave me time to take a small afternoon nap because the sun that had shone throughout the Cavalcade had made my napper go all hot and shiny making me tired.

I ended up having cheese on toast for dinner—a snack, not a real dinner, I know—then sat down to watch a film about 8pm.

As I was writing this blog entry I received a phone call from my sister. It seems my Twitter account has been hacked yet again, this time with a host of offensive messages being sent out from my account to several people on my list. The last time it happened I also lost my images and had tweets deleted. If you were one of those affected, please accept my apologies.

I’m going to complain this time and I’m thinking of giving up Twitter. I’m certainly going to have to change my password again. Rather foolishly, after it was hacked last time I changed it then after a short time changed it back again. While it was a good way to build up promotion and hits to my website, it also seems to be too easy for people to hack into, so what’s the point?

The last thing I need as I try to build up a pubic profile behind my writing, is crap like that happening to me.

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