4 Days To Go

4 Days To Go
Image: Cougars

I’m still reeling over Twitter. The whole thing has left me feeling sick to my stomach, so I’m letting Twitter go for a while. I’ll maybe go back to it some point in the future if I can be assured it won’t happen again. Despite it being an online attack it’s still dented my confidence a bit; maybe I rely too heavily on the Internet on promotion—roll on next week’s old fashioned approach to marketing!

I had a very productive session at the day job yesterday, and also managed to do some work on BACCARA BURNING. Most of my evening was spent with the family, which included a lovely plate of cannelloni for dinner. Yum!

Today I can feel things beginning to hot up as I move towards the launch of the Book Festival this Saturday, in only four days time. August is always my busiest time of the year, and 2009 is proving to be no different, for as well as Book Festival business, I am covering gigs for News of the World.

Tonight, although I’ve not finally decided, I may go along to me ex-writing group. On checking my email this morning, I saw that the guy who runs the group is playing in his band as part of The Edge Festival. I may go along to that with a view to writing a review.

I’ve also got a gig to cover on Thursday—The Bluetones at the Picture House, and then on the 25th, Ian Broudie at Cabaret Voltaire. Should all be good gigs and if they get through will be some good bylines for me in the newspaper.

Dontcha just love August?

Before I leave you for today, I want to tell you about Madness fan, Tim Andrews, who is to take part in the Antony Gormley project, One & Other, this Saturday (15th August), when he will take his place on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, London, from 6pm till 7pm.

Tim (58) was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2005, but despite being afraid of heights, he intends to stand on the Fourth Plinth for the full hour while playing tracks from the new album, The Liberty of Norton Folgate by one of his favourite bands, MADNESS. Tim has chosen the album because the lyrics recount various stories about the city of his birth, London, which he adores.

Tim, who hopes that many will come along, show their support and perhaps dance with him, says: “Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s has enabled me to view life and death from a completely different perspective and I feel liberated as a consequence. Standing on the Fourth Plinth represents this feeling. If I can raise awareness of Parkinson’s at the same time, that’s even better.”

If you are not in London on Saturday, you can still show your support by helping Tim raise vital funds for the PDS. Please visit www.justgiving.com/Tim-Andrews-oneandother.

Stella by Colin Galbraith – available now from Eternal Press – www.eternalpress.ca

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