Getting Suited Up

Getting Suited Up

On Sunday I’ll have been married to Gail for six years. Six very long years if you were to ask her, so with that in mind, I’m taking her out to a very posh and sophisticated restaurant for dinner. It’s the kind of place where one has to make a little bit more of an effort when it comes to deciding what to wear. I am, of course, referring to The Witchery.

And so today at lunchtime I did something I’ve not done in a very, very long while: I bought myself a new suit. Before the end of the week I’ll get a new pair of shoes and probably chuck a couple of new shirts in as well. Why am I doing this? Well—why not?

It felt good standing in a suit again while trying it on in Slaters Menswear. I pulled out a few for inspection and the old geyser serving me helped whittle them down to three good options. I eventually plumped for a single breasted, hand-stitched Baumler, which wasn’t the cheapest option, but it looks terrific. In fact, it’s so good I will be very annoyed if I were to get red wine on it.

I’ll collect it on Saturday morning after alterations have been made to the legs, probably after I’ve been to see Edinburgh crime author, Kate Atkinson. I’ve been a fan of Kate’s since One Good Turn, a book that inspired me because it was set in Edinburgh and wasn’t written by Rankin. I don’t mean that in a bad way, what I mean is it proved to me more than one crime writer could exist in Edinburgh, which gave me hope.

Last night I popped along to Sneaky Pete’s on the Cowgate to see a band. The bass player is a writer pal of mine from the group I used to go to, so I used the opportunity to get in a potential review for NotW as well as catching up with him. He’s doing well, with London agent interested in his work and a speaking spot at the Book Festival on the 28th, so I said I’d try and get along to support him.

Sneaky Pete’s has to be one of the smallest venues I’ve ever been to for a gig. You walk in the door and you’re at the bar; ten yards further into the 12 foot wide room, and you find the stage with a sign above it saying: “do not stand too close to the stage unless you want your eardrums burst.”

So the band (Vertis) were quite good. They need a bit of polishing and stage presence but their music wasn’t half bad. One of their songs in particular, Without You, is a superb track: catchy, memorable, and has a great guitar riff in it.

Until tomorrow, peace and out.

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1 Response to Getting Suited Up

  1. The Witchery is one of my favorite restaurants anywhere.

    Sneaky Pete’s is a lot of fun, too!

    Enjoy the weekend.

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