Submissions From Both Sides

Submissions From Both Sides
Image: Sarah G

I didn’t really have much to say about Tuesday so I skipped a blog post. Hope you don’t mind. No point in writing about nothing, thought I, and instead put my efforts into making sure it didn’t happen again.

It rained for the best part of Tuesday, all through the night and all day Wednesday. I think one can safely say the good weather has passed and that we were very lucky indeed to get the sun and warmth we did for our “away day” on Monday. Let’s hope it changes in time for the weekend, though.

I’ve had some Internet work to do over the past couple of days. The property client I had been contracted by has not renewed the websites I built him. I think the credit crunch may have had something to do with the foreign side of the business, but the opposite effect was felt with the Edinburgh-based side, in that he has been so busy with bookings he found he never needed a website to get bookings for the next year.

I’ve also come up with a solution to a long-term problem for one of my photography clients, which has seen the installation of a membership area to the website, allowing clients the ability to log in to view and purchase their wedding pictures. The photographer in question has also indicated a requirement for a new site to take care of the portrait side of her business.

I’ve left the preparation of September’s issue of the Ranfurly Review very late. I have all the contributions in place except I am one piece of flash fiction down—four instead of the usual five—because we never received enough flash submissions.

The main things left to do are layout all the contributions, insert all the biographies and notes, and find a front cover—always the bane of my editorial existence.

Last night I got back on the submission trail, sending out many of the short fiction pieces I have on return, to magazines and competitions. I also sent out a few poetry entries including the National Poetry Competition.

Later tonight I’ll finish them all up and get everything out on submission where they should be. The exercise highlighted to me the problem in keeping track of everything. I have stories in my ‘Completed’ folder but not in my spreadsheet so were getting missed, stories that were written in the last year and are much improved on previous ones.

I’m going to amalgamate and sort out how I keep control of what magazines and journals are suitable for me to submit to. It’s getting a bit messy now there are just so many.

Day job has been extremely busy over the last few days with several deadlines coming in this week. When I got up this morning I was so tired I didn’t even know what day it was until after my shower and a cuppa.

Before I go, remember 54-year old Madness fan Tim Andrews from Surrey I mentioned a couple of weeks ago? He’s the guy who developed Parkinson’s disease a few years ago and who decided to stand on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square for charity.

Well, he was there for an hour, dancing along to Madness’ latest album, The Liberty of Norton Folgate and raised over £2,500 into the bargain. Good on ye Tim!!  Click here to watch the short video of Tim on the Fourth Plinth.

Stella by Colin Galbraith – available now from Eternal Press –

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