More To Do At Charlotte Square

More To Do At Charlotte Square

Another long day yesterday but I got some good work done in bits and pieces. The rain stayed off, which was a blessing for my wife, but it’s significantly colder just now. My cold that was threatening has eased off. Relief.

Issue 8 of the Ranfurly Review is all but ready. I’m not best pleased with some of it but the front cover for September is simply awesome (look left)!

Gail took the picture at this year’s Beltane Festival on Calton Hill. It’s of the bonfire they light right at the end of the show around midnight if I remember correctly. That was a great night—cold, but good fun.

I couldn’t resist squeezing a few more hours into the Edinburgh Book Festival this weekend. I booked some events for later today: ‘Ten at Ten’ this morning (literary readings in the writer’s tent from unknowns) then Melvyn Bragg at lunchtime. On Sunday I’ll do the ‘Ten at Ten’ again and then go and see Gillian Slovo, and on Monday it will be Candia McWilliam’s turn to finish it all off. It’s here, I love it, I’m and  making the best of it!

I wrote some poetry later in the evening. Just a few lines but it was the stuff I was telling you about in yesterday’s post. Needed to get it out. It was blocking me up and frustrating me until the paper and pen stepped in.

Lots to do today. More book fest stuff and I must get some more writing completed. Also have some updates to my website to do sooner rather than later, and my photography client is champing at the bit.

Stella by Colin Galbraith – available now from Eternal Press –

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1 Response to More To Do At Charlotte Square

  1. I LOVE that cover! Awesme!

    Have a blast at the bookfair this weekend!

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