Articles and Interviews

Articles and Interviews
Image: Alex Barth

Check out my review of this week’s Ray LaMontagne gig in today’s News of the World A-Listed music supplement, or online here.

Also, one of the interviews I did last week has been published. Check it out over at A Biblio Paradise, where my great pal Devon Ellington asks me some very interesting questions!

It took slightly longer than I intended to clean the house yesterday. I got a bit carried away wanting to have the place looking ship shape for Gail returning on Monday, that I got right into it and did more than I probably needed. House looks great, though, even if I say so myself. By the time I finished it was after 4pm, but with the rest of the afternoon and evening all to myself I still had plenty of time to get lost in the prose.

With the rest of my time I got some great work done on BACCARA BURNING. Bringing the characters to Edinburgh has opened up so many possibilities there are maybe too many options open to me. A bad thing? Probably not, but I can’t possibly have them all happen—can I?

Just before nine o’clock I had to logon to the company network but couldn’t get access through the network. The implementation I was to work on had quite a high business priority, and with me having to do the work from home, and therefore unable to go to the office, I started to panic. When I eventually got logged in I checked the project sheet and realised I was an hour early. Relief doesn’t begin to cover it!

After a LOT of problems—as there always is with this type of implementation—the work was finally done by 2am. Half way through it I realised I hadn’t eaten so took advantage of Domino’s any size pizza for £9.99 offer. As I said yesterday, it’s a bachelor’s writing life!

Right now I’m about to shower and dress then head round to get my copy of today’s NotW for my clippings. Then it’s back to the keyboard.

Stella by Colin Galbraith – available now from Eternal Press –

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  1. You are having your very own home-based writing retreat. Good for you!

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