Home-Based Writing Retreat

Home-Based Writing Retreat
Image: Will Cheyney

I worked late into the night last night. One minute it was a warm and sunny day, my coffee was tasty, the words were flowing, and the bunnies were hopping around in the back garden. The next minute the sky was black, the house lay in darkness, the bunnies were sitting fearful, and my throat was parched. Oh, how time flies when the words penetrate.

You can probably tell it was one of those days; I got through much more than I thought I might and hoped I would. It was a good day. Actually, it was a great day and Devon’s comment about this weekend being a home-based writing retreat are correct, that’s exactly what it feels like!

I’ve had the whole house almost entirely to myself. It’s been organised and I’ve been able to surround myself in my books, research, writing, and some great music to filter through from the background. I’ve felt inspired and able to tap in to the energy that came through from this year’s Edinburgh Book Festival. Yet I’ve also been able to relax, unwind, and if I want to stop writing I could.

Total bliss!

I didn’t exactly get up early either. Having worked till 2am on Sunday morning, I slept a little longer before brunch, then skipped merrily round to the newsagent to pick up a copy of the News of the World—the UK’s best selling English-based national newspaper—to make sure I had a copy of my latest article on the Ray LaMontagne gig for my clippings. If you missed it, you can still read it online here.

I think I learnt something about the publishing process with this particular article. Normally my submissions are around 200-250 words, which is fine and what my editor wants. This one, because they knew it would be going into the actual paper in advance and not just online, they asked me to double my word count. But the published article was back down to 150 words! Why? So that their copywriter can edit it to fit as opposed to me doing the cutting. All the words are mine, they’ve just been slashed to fit.

Want to read the full article? Then you should visit the Man in the East.

The spine-tingler story took up a load of my time. The deadline for it is Tuesday and I want to get my submission in without any problems. Still not entirely happy with the title but I can think about that later.

Less progress made on BACCARA BURNING but overall moving towards the goal. The flow was quite erratic but progress is progress.

I skipped dinner, preferring toast and tea to anything properly substantial I think I was still affected by the huge pizza I ate on Saturday night while I was logged into the Company network to work. I woke up feeling full and it never really went away. Decided to watch a late film instead; probably a bad idea.

Stella by Colin Galbraith – available now from Eternal Press – www.eternalpress.ca

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2 Responses to Home-Based Writing Retreat

  1. It does sound like a blissful weekend!

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