Mr Forgetful

Mr Forgetful
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I was shattered going into work yesterday. And I was in a bad mood because of it. Missing my bus didn’t help either. Fucking Lothian left early. Three coffees in the office didn’t really help move things along either, and I spent most of the day with a sore frontal lobe and scratchy eyes.

External factors meant I nearly managed a half day just before lunch, but it fell through and I had to stay until the end. I did make it round to the supermarket at lunchtime, though. I bought the missing ingredients I would need to make Marzetti; a wee treat for Gail since she wasn’t expected home until late.

Marzetti preparation in itself doesn’t take that long. All that’s needed is the time to grate some cheese, chop a couple of large onions and slice some mushrooms. Then there’s cooking time, maybe 20 minutes in total before it all goes in the oven for an hour. The problem is Laura and I didn’t eat until after half past seven, which meant most of my writing time was cut into badly.

I did complete the spine-tingler story, though. It went very well actually because I changed a whole slice of the story at the last minute to give it some real punch. This story has just got better and better, and last night I got to the point where I could feel my own heart thumping while writing. Scary story indeed, but when I had to put the bins out in the dark of the garden I did so quicker then normal.

I’m going to give it one fresh read over this morning then send it off under its new title, THE GREEN BRIDGE.

Don’t forget to check out my interview with Devno Ellington over at A Biblio Paradise when you get the chance. It’s one of the best ones I’ve given.

Saddened to see Patrick Swayze and Keith Floyd both died this morning. No prejudice where cancer or the evil of the bottle is concerned.

I’m still tired today. When Gail got home last night I was so happy to see her I ended up staying up late just so I could talk to her about her weekend. I got less sleep than I wanted/needed but at least the sore head has gone.

I’m sure there was more but I can’t remember what it was. Maybe it will return to me in time for tomorrow’s post.

Stella by Colin Galbraith – available now from Eternal Press –

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