Theoretical Reviews

Theoretical Reviews
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I don’t know about you but yesterday seemed to drag. It was ages before the morning was out of the way, and then when the sun came out for the afternoon it only made things worse.

With the overall temperature dropping across Scotland, the heaters in work have been changed to come on in the afternoon. So there we all were with a blazing hot sun outside and all the radiators on inside.

While on my lunch I ran through the gig listings for Edinburgh and found one ideal as a possible for NotW. I ran it by my editor; “we’ll always make room for ‘em,” he said. Cushty, thought I, and my evening on press duty was arranged.

I gave THE GREEN BRIDGE a final polish over with the remainder of my lunch break. It didn’t need much at all as I’d already caught most things. Then off it went, submitted into the competition it was intended for. It’s a much better story now and I’m quite chuffed with it, so fingers crossed.

I headed home after work and after eating the remaining Marzetti in the fridge from the previous night, I got ready to head out to see Theoretical Girl. I called Sneaky Pete’s in advance so didn’t have to be there until 9pm.

I’ve got the whole getting to gigs at Sneaky Pete’s then back home down to a ‘T’ now. I leave the house get the 8pm bus to the bottom of Easter Road. There, I jump on a 35 that takes me up over London Road and onto the High Street. I get off half way up and walk down to the Cowgate, and a short walk later I’m in the club.

Because it’s small or unsigned bands that generally play there I can usually get back up to the High Street for the 9:51pm bus back to Leith. If I’m lucky I can jump a connector, otherwise I’ll be back in my home for just after ten, make a quick cup of tea, get the article written and post it all before 11pm. Lovely!

When I phoned in advance the bloke told me that the support act for Theoretical Girl had cancelled, so when I arrived the club was desolate but for the club staff and the band. I bought a whisky and floated about inside and outside—it was a nice night—and at 9pm she came on stage.

Obviously for the proper review you’ll have to buy this Sunday’s News of the World (hopefully—it’s a funny business) and the Man in the East, but I have to say that I was very impressed. Hers is a talent more should see and hear, and I fully expect to hear more from her in the future.

The audience wasn’t up to much, though. I counted 16 people including myself, of which 3 were the bar and door staff, and 3 were the band. In other words, 10 people showed up; a small group of students who popped in for a drink, one old man who bounced about embarrassingly in his rock t-shirt and leather waistcoat,  a group of middle aged women who looked oddly in place, and me.

Good gig, though, and when I got home just after 10pm I kicked into the article, most of which was tipping out of my head having been metally written an hour before. Some bands are impossibly hard to write about, but last night’s was so easy I had it down and polished within 45 minutes.

Before I go here’s some free publicity for the buys. This won’t be on the television for another couple of weeks, but you’ll like it—trust me.

Stella by Colin Galbraith – available now from Eternal Press –

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2 Responses to Theoretical Reviews

  1. Stevie Ward says:

    I have to admit I’d never heard of Theoretical Girl before.
    Just listening on myspace now and really enjoying it.

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