Inner Head Buzz

Inner Head Buzz
Image: JK Butcher

I took a bit of a blow in the day job yesterday when some behind the scenes politics took some juicy work out of my remit. It was the kind of work that goes a long way to consideration for promotion, and helps to push you to the forefront of more senior work, so I was pretty gutted when I got told. There will be other avenues to getting there, but it’s my first downer since I arrived in the department.

I suddenly realised that three deadlines I said I would meet are now looming up fast, and with me taking time off this weekend to go and see my sister in Glasgow, I’m going to have to get my finger out. One is a poem, the other a fiction competition based on an already designed front cover—love that kind of thing—and the other is an idea I had for a submission for the next issue of New Writing Scotland. Oh, and I still have to get something off to that radio station.

I penned out an idea for the front cover competition (Match That Artwork Contest) based on the image I chose. I want it to be about a female version of Banksy, the Bristol graffiti legend, except this girl is from Leith and still at school. She wants to express herself and doesn’t know how, although art allows her a freedom she’s never experienced before. Graffiti is her way of lashing out and getting her point across, and it leads to unexpected events. She’s called Jo, by the way, and the working title is simply, PAINT.

The poem is taking longer. I suppose with me writing in a new form and with me trying to get across a story with a poem, the words and structure has to be extremely tight—no unnecessary words permitted. Challenging, but enjoyable.

Never got to the other story. Plenty of time and ideas of that, though.

With all these submission deadlines and competitions I want to make, and with me deep in the writing of BACCARA BURNING, my head is simply alive with all manner of ideas and characters. Thankfully, they are proving too had to control during the day—I think they are nocturnal—but once I’ve wound down in the evening and charged back up after some food and rest, out they come to champ at the bit and start challenging me again. By the time I get to bed each night I can actually hear my head buzzing.

I’ll leave you with this video someone sent me last night. It’s what happened when Hitler found out about the Oasis split. The tears were running down my face. Enjoy.

Stella by Colin Galbraith – available now from Eternal Press –

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