Glasgow Bound

Glasgow Bound
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Today must have been one of the longest endured for time spent in the office. The morning raced by—I was so busy I didn’t have time to think—but the afternoon? The afternoon seemed to just crawl by, I’m sure I saw the second hand on my watch go backwards when I looked at it at one point.

My Ed at NotW sent me the screen shot of the review for this Sunday’s paper. I’m delighted to have made the print edition again and two weeks in a row is a big plus. The article looks great—small typo where the sub had cut a line but that was soon sorted—and so Sunday will be another good day for cutting collecting. I wonder if I can make it three weekends in a row?

We got to talking about the big Madness gig coming up in December. He’s bagged the paper an interview with the band and will be doing the review himself, but he’s also working on the breakouts for the spread for which we banged heads and I helped him with some of the Madness/ska related stuff. It also means come December I’ll have a review to sell elsewhere, just as I will with The Specials the month before (they aren’t going to do two gig reviews for the same band in one year), but I’m sure I can find a home.

Most of the other chat revolved around the pre-gig part of the day in Glasgow; where to have our traditional McMadmeet, what pub would best, etc. It’s another exciting year to be a Madness fan and it means double for me given I missed out on Madstock 5.

I spent my other time working on PAINT, my short story for a competition entry. It’s not coming out the way I intended so I stopped half way through and tried to visualise it differently, couldn’t, so stopped for the night. It might not make the deadline now but it’s a good standalone.

As I was writing that last paragraph I nearly shat a brick. My home office is on the top floor with a small window, outside of which is a very narrow ledge nowhere near much else solid. Somehow, a cat managed to get to it and when it suddenly appeared just above my eye line and gave me the fright of my life when it landed. God! My heart!

I’ll be heading off through to Glasgow shortly. I’m travelling by coach for a change, which means I can sit back and listen to some podcasts from this year’s Edinburgh Book Festival and watch as the Dear Green Place comes back into view.

The plan is to have lunch with my folks, do some catching up, listen to my old man moaning about some of the stuff on his every expanding “Grump List”, then head over to my sisters for some chat, a DVD, and maybe a little bit of food. Should be a nice day!

Stella by Colin Galbraith – available now from Eternal Press –

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