Macaroni Day

Macaroni Day
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Pretty tired this morning. Not from being up extraordinarily late last night but from a very early start this morning. There’s a lot happening today ranging from training courses to writing and a fair bit of website work, so I wanted to get a head start on everything.

I’ve just wolfed down a roll with egg and black pudding in it along with a strong coffee, so I’m feeling pretty damn good for now.

Speaking of food, I found myself in the canteen for lunch again yesterday, and it was worth it because it was the infamous, glorious and infinitesimally orgasmic Cheese Macaroni Day. I had a big plate with a pile of chips on the side for good measure. Stuffed I was—stuffed!

I almost finished writing PAINT last night, a short story initially intended for a cover design competition, except I’m not quite sure how to end it. I have, for the first time ever, a final line that I want to use, I’m just not sure how to get there and I went to bed last night feeling confused and trying to visualise the best ending. Oh, the trials!

I’ve taken on a new roll in my capacity as Assistant Editor at The Scruffy Dog Review and am now the “website bloke”. I’ve been in discussions with the Editor-in-Chief and we came to the decision that we should use my website skills to free up more of her time to do more actual editorial tasks as opposed to website maintenance.

The magazine has gone through a tough time lately and I feel like this change could breathe new life into it. A re-launch was discussed and communications will be sent out to the other editors today about the change. One of the first things I’m going to look at is a revamp of the site to make it more web friendly and modern.

The gig listings for this week have been pretty poor, though if I get the chance I might pop up to the Citrus Club tonight to see punk band The Vibrators and get a review in for Sunday’s NotW online edition. Also might pop along for The Black Seeds gig at the Picture House next week, which would make it through in time to be a contender for next week’s print edition.

My old man phoned from outside a pub on Tottenham Court Road in the evening. He had just discovered Hairspray has cross-dressing in it and wanted to let me know how happy he was to have been stitched up again. “It’ll do you good,” I told him with a loud guffaw. Sounds like they are both having a great time in Landahn Tahn, though.

Remember I mentioned the guy from Leith who works for the Scottish Parliament and submitted some poetry to the Ranfurly Review after reading my interview in The Leither Magazine while lunching in far flung Beju? It turns out he got he can’t spell and what he really meant was Bijou, the small coffee shop at the bottom of Restalrig Road! Oh, well!

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1 Response to Macaroni Day

  1. Brenda says:

    Sounds like a carbohydrate overload . . . yummy. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for your help.


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