Black Monday

Black Monday
Image: Katja Gorup

The new Madness album arrived through my door yesterday. TOTAL MADNESS is a compilation of all Madness’ hits on CD and DVD, which for under a tenner is pretty good value. It comes in their 30th year and is, as always, spectacular. Can’t seem to get the CD out the case though, and don’t want to break it. And as I already have all the songs on umpteen other CDs it might never see the light of day. Still, better to own than to play.

I slept in yesterday. I don’t understand how I never even heard the alarm, especially since I got good rest over the weekend and went to bed at a decent time. I woke up just before eight o’clock and leapt into emergency ‘get-out-the-house-asap’ mode. It meant a taxi ride and I made it into the office by 8.40am. Not a good start.

Some political shit went down early on that I was in the middle of. I sent out an ill-worded e-mail, which didn’t help matters. And throughout the day I made a lot of stupid mistakes and cock-ups—my own personal Black Monday—five o’clock couldn’t come fast enough.

Even getting home was a disaster: missed buses, people out of sync with the world and clattering into me because they can’t walk straight; arsehole teenagers playing what they class as “music” on the top deck of the bus. Since when did electronically altered voices, a cheap drum machine, and one of these wee orange electronic organs qualify as talent? Because if it is I should have been in the charts when I was aged 8.

I had neither the energy nor the will to write when I got home. Even my dinner was pure lazy—pizza from Sainsbury’s. Might even have been Morrison’s, it was Gail that brought it in. I had Hawaiian on a thin base. Very nice it was. I wanted to swallow it like Tom from Tom & Jerry, you know, all in the oner going down like a huge disc down my throat, but Gail wouldn’t let me.

I phoned back a potential web client and it looks like he’s coming into the fold. He’s a driving instructor so it doesn’t need to be too fancy, but it will be extra important to make it visible because this guy has no web presence at all.

I also did some work on the SDR website: a new logo, incorporation of a blog feed, a mailing list sign-up form and some behind the scenes tidying up. Progress is progress and they way I was feeling last night I was just glad to have got anything done.

Then…..I slept in again this morning. Black Tuesday. I never made it in until 8.15, but since I never got up until 7.45 again that’s pretty damn good going. Hopefully today will be better then yesterday, though. I really must get some more ticks on my GDR as it’s been a good month so far and October is almost here. Lot of deadlines in October so I need to clear the slate.

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2 Responses to Black Monday

  1. Sounds like you had a real Mercury Retrograde day. It’s usually worse the day before it turns and the day before it turns back. It’s going direct today, so things should be “righter” by tomorrow.

  2. CD Compilations are great when you want to hear long playing music on long trips.,-“

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