Tackling The Whale

Tackling The Whale
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Happy birthday to me! Yes, yesterday was my birthday, not that they are very exciting affairs any more once you get to 36–just another year to tick off—but it had all the ingredients I look for in my birthday: good food, family, and a whale!

Up and out the door early, it wasn’t until I got home after the day job that any of the celebrations really began. I took part in the customary buying of sweets for the staff, leaving boxes of Celebrations and Quality Street in the middle of the office. I ate very little during the day, though, for last night saw my annual trip to Newhaven to tackle the mighty whale.

When the girls got back from school/work they gave me all my gifts and cards. As well as being replenished with socks, shirts and jammies, I can also look forward to a new pair of glasses, a trip to see St Mirren playing Motherwell on the 24th October, and a night out with both my sisters and brother-in-law to see the comedian Michael McIntyre. Best of the bunch was the SpongeBob Squarepants apron and matching oven glove I got from Laura. She knows me so well!

Out to Newhaven then, and destination Peacock Inn. Since I first discovered this place I’ve been going back for the fabulously fresh fish. They do a wonderful fresh trout, simply grilled with fresh vegetables, but the haddock fillet is their most popular and famous option. Cooked in crispy batter or breadcrumbs, it comes served with chips and peas. But there is one other option on the menu for the braver among us.

‘The Whale’ as it is described on the menu is perfect for the larger man. With your 1lb (that’s one pound) of haddock you get a (very) small bowl of chips. Nothing else is needed; it’s all about the fish. And it was wonderful. The batter can sometimes get too much, but the fish, when drawn from within the crispy golden shell, is simply the best fish this side of Harthill.

Back home, with my buckle hanging by my side and belly swollen to an unfeasible size, I sat down to a nice cup of tea and slice of birthday cake. I had to blow out the candles first—I’m still a big kid, you know—and then the telly beckoned. Gail’s pal Samantha came round to visit with her wee pooch, Gracie, and she gave me a large Toblerone as a gift. Maybe eat that another day!

Quote of the day to my daughter, Laura: “How does it feel to be 35, then?”

Me: “I’m 36.”

Laura: “That’s dead old!”

A nice day—a filling day—another year older.

Monthly GDR Plan

* Complete writing Baccara Burning
* Complete editing on Greener is the Grass
* Positively work towards clearing away fiction backlog
* Re-submit any rejected/recalled short stories
* Enter more fiction/poetry competitions
* Meet fiction/poetry e-zine deadlines

* Write at least one poem per week
* Finish developing ideas for new chapbook

* Stay on top of RR submissions
* Prepare RR issue 9 for December 2009
* Start preparing RR issue 10 for March 2010

* Get a few more gigs to review for NotW
* Work with new client for driving instructor site
* Complete SDR website for 1st November launch
* Keep up all websites updated and relevant

Marketing and Promotion
* Publish October newsletter
* Bring Podcast idea to life

Reading & Learning
* The Butt by Will Self – IP; not much reading
* Try and fit more reading time in

* Re-launch diet

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1 Response to Tackling The Whale

  1. Happy Birthday! sounds like a fab day.

    I love trout — and the haddock sounds pretty darned good, too!

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